Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You left footprints all along the beaches of my heart..

It's the middle of the week and i am briefly home for 1.5 hours.

Thousands of thoughts move like a whirlwind and consume my mind each moment. I should do some yoga and sign up for boxing again to relieve some stress.

I got a new bike, i am picking it up tomorrow, for 500 crowns. I hope it does not fall apart.

I woke up a bit tired, my eye was hurting from the contact lenses and i ate all my chips. I casually prepared and sent some Colombian coffee love to my bestie. I fired up my favorite song and sang along the way to the bus stop. I should give it a name.

I will call it the "Hidden Passenger", no idea why. Maybe because i am a passenger of this strange train of multi-culture in the area i live.

Oh, for the very few that actually read what i wrote yesterday and the even fewer that actually cared to do it, thank you very much. Amy (<3), Danika, Harmeet, Kevin, Fani, all of you in the chatroom i will be there for you if you need me. Same applies to the rest actually, i am here for everyone. No need to mention Afroditi, and my wonderful παντρουγκιτσες from Greece that miss me and give me strength to continue!

That includes you, the lady that left footprints all along the beaches of my heart over the past week :)

From 10-12, then 13:00-15:00 i had lectures about fluid and ocean dynamics. The terms in english, vastly different from the ones i am used to. But it's alright, i always manage to get out of the bottom of the barrel.

We organized to meet with Fabian from Chile to grab some beers from the store and head towards Flogsta for a pre-drink party in Evelina's house around 7pm.

I walked to the center to register for Norrlands and of course the internet was broken so i had to waiting drinking some black coffee while the Asians drank milk. I paid 280 crowns for the register, got my temp card and headed out to buy ice cream for 18 crowns.

Which should i get....
It's a beautiful day, full of sunlight and warm feelings, much better than yesterday.

I am sitting in the bus station at Stora Torget. I am listening to some melodic death and the guy sitting next to me is moving to the drum rhythm. I get in the bus and i sit somewhere in the back.

A woman with her head covered by traditional arabic/muslim band sits across me. I can only see her face. She is smiling all the time, she has perfect, untouched velvet skin, a bit darkish and incredible features, that leave me staring at her for 15 minutes. She saw me of course, i am not that discreet when i like something. It was like she featured in the National Geographic magazine.

I am home. I am cooking some weird delicious mix of pasta, creme du lait and chicken. Pounding them.

The lady downstairs is making some creepy ghost noises. If you don't hear from me, come film Paranormal Activity 26, at least you will make some money!

Hello Sweden!

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