Tuesday, September 23, 2014

66 grams of salad

Last week we were talking in class about weathering. It seemed important, as well as it's effects in the climate and the planet. We spent 4 hours talking about it and i was nodding each time the professor looked at me. I understood the context but not the term itself.

Today it was Monday and i finally understood what weathering is. I was riding Marley along with Jaime towards university. I saw wind, raid, blood and thunder outside. I wore two sweaters, a jacket, a scarf, 2 pairs of socks, pants and jeans. Welcome to Sweden.

So what is weathering? It's the effects of weather on something, like the natural disasters hitting me while i ride Marley from all directions while i wander aimlessly into the cold abyss. Let's make a quick recap:
  • Rain
  • Wind from the opposite direction.
  • Fog
  • Cold
  • Marley
  • Lack of sunlight
  • 4 hours of lectures.
So we finally made it there, i bought a small sandwich and we started talking about the biosphere and marine ecosystems. I actually like this kind of stuff since it's my field of studies. The presentation was pretty interesting and i was concentrated. The professor was pretty cool, funny in the right amount and kept things interesting. The only blip was Holger, who made a triumph return after losing his almost all of his possessions. Again. He was yawning every 1 minute and i wanted to bash him on the head with his daughter.

So after 3 breaks, 5 Clash of Clans raids i biked with Jaime home and slept for 4-5 hours. I woke up and studied a bit, finished a report i had and then Despoina opened Pandora's box when we started sending epic fail videos from youtube. Oh the urban legend Mat... is preparing a fika on Wednesday with 30 people. 32 of them will be girls i guess.

My princess sent me a goodnight message that made me pretty happy.

"Oyyy u are a little genius always have time for everything", some of her words.

"I always find time for the people i care", my reply.

"I care too!", her response was enough to make me hug the pillow like it's her instead and sleep happy.

But but but? What about Saturday and Sunday???

I spent Sunday sleeping, studying and talking. My landlord's daughter visited with her husband and her two kids. Her name is marie-anne, like my sister. We had some coffee all together along with the PhD student, Davide. We discussed topics ranging from Greece, olives, Italy, Sweden, broken teeth, boxing, football, Zlatan, infidelity and dating sites, which seem to be the norm here. I will explore happypancake.com because of it's fantastic name :D

What about Saturday then? I just went to Willy's to buy stuff with Davide. We raided the supermarket, because naming a supermarket after male genitalia is good. I got cheese, bread, cola, wannabe greek yogurt with honey and two apples.

So we set up a meeting at around 8:30 with Vassilis, Despoina and Dimitris. They arrive at 8:30, i arrive at 8:49, while Dimitris takes his time and arrives around 21:10.

We have a blast speaking about random crap, talking about salads and friends and beer and loads of mumbo jumbo. And then i turn around and she a small cute lady with fantastic curly black hair. It's A-nude! Long time no see! I say hi, she has no clue who i am. I remove my glasses. Oh Kostas!

She sits with us and she brought Matias too. We spend the night teaching her bad greek words while she transforms my name into a bad one of her own. She asks me to save her before she leaves, but i can't just let the others go. She will be fine, otherwise no hugs!

The predator tried to attack Despoina too, but she looked like a wooden stick, stiff and probably feeling frightened. Good job man. Oh there was a guy with no socks little shoes and sort of a bag and a brownish tuxedo behind.

Vassilis was downing beers in a rate that america drops bombs in syria or compared to the how fast politicians eat our money in greece.

So it's time to leave and Vassilis stays with 4 random Swedes who ask why we are leaving. Guess why, to drink more beer!

So I am stuck here trying to sleep, thinking about how this month went so far. I like Sweden. I don't regret. In fact, i give you the Golden Recommendation of Kostas to come and study here. You see through my eyes how it is to party wildly, to study a lot, to do countless activities and embark on different adventures and travels. To be serious and silly. I actually received a message and a friend request by a greek who has been living here for a year and he said that i have captured the essence and the spirit of living here well. Thank you George Bliatsios!

Along with that bombshell, Goodnight Sweden!

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