Saturday, October 11, 2014

Let it come streamline, let it come in time..

First of all i want to say thank you one more time for the love and the comments and support! I received affection from people i never thought i would and countless others i don't even know about. As we are approaching 10000 readers today i thought i should mention that. Phoebe your message touched me too. Thanks!

I had a blast these past days. I didn't go out that much but the times i did i took Uppsala by storm. I am on a quest here, a quest not for the past but for tomorrow to make it last. To suck you in the dreamland of Uppsala and Sweden. The best way to walk this life, hand in hand with me, a dreamer. Enter my dreams and follow me, don't stay awake, our dreams remain, they only break. So forget the task and enjoy the ride, simply follow me into the night..

Beautiful Autumn
So our quest starts this Wednesday in the morning when i woke up at 8:40 to meet Jaime and bike our way to the university. I failed to show up so in true Top Gear style he abandoned me and went alone. We sat on the back with Holger. When we are together we are like an unstable concoction ready to explode into laughter and sarcasm.

We were supposed to ask questions for the upcoming exam on Friday, which sadly (or for the best) i had none. So we spent our time runescaping and conversing and giggling. I just can't forget just before the presentation of our synthesis report i wrote on the board that Holger likes to do the chacha like a sissy girl and i had to run like the Flash to erase it before Christian (the prof) got into the room. He is the perfect mixture of knowledge, funny and serious professor. Best choice Uppsala University!

So after that we had 3 hours before the next GIS lab. So we spent it creatively on the couches of the university.
Doing the Holger
The idiotic things that we said and the jokes we exchanged were of C-Movie quality and at times i felt like climbing the Everest with a toothpick. Holger you and your GIF's are like a firework.

So it's time for lab 5. Matlab. Kill me now, after struggling to understand the basics of ArcGIS now i have to learn to use this. I complained for hours as usual, watched in utter humiliation as Jaime was racing through it but in the end i actually understood what to do until the end.

It's 6 and i have to drag my sorry ass to the Swedish class in the Engelska park. I am down to 13% battery on my tablet. The horror. I go in the class, completely unprepared and i share books with a girl from somewhere with a name of something. Nothing to see here folks! 2% battery and 2 hours later i finally can go home. As usual in the middle of the first song the mp3 player dies.

It's raining and soaking wet and i see a homeless man begging for money outside the ICA. I give him 8 crowns because i really feel sorry for him. I go in the supermarket and buy some basic stuff so i don't die from hunger. I pay, tell the cashier that she is very pretty and as i go out the beggar asks me for money again. He sees me and says "Oh it's you"......

Thursday is upon us.

The colors, the freedom, the sentiment
I got no class. I am supposed to study. I cook around 2-3pm and study until 01:30 am relentlessly. 400 slides of powerpoint, 20 articles, 4 lab exercises and seminars. My brain is like a carbon source, degassing information instead of storing it. Everything sounds a bit dull right? But what can i do? Man's gotta study too! But let's move on to the good part. What, did you think that Friday was going to be boring too? Hah!

Waking up at 7 am i managed to get dressed somehow and bike to meet Jaime in the usual spot. We went through the woods towards the examination buildings. They use separate buildings for exams, with 3-4 invigilators in each room. Unthinkable for Greek standards.

We park our bikes and i laugh so hard at Jaime because karma slapped him in the face as he fell down the stairs.  You baboon. Anyways we try to find the building we are supposed to get into and we follow a pretty girls butt hoping she knows. Apparently she was clueless and we made our way back. Oh there's Erik, at last a familiar face! We get inside and there are dozens of lockers to leave coats and your mobiles.

The room is massive. There are like 8-10 rows of desks for one person perfectly aligned one behind the other. There is a set of instructions on top that go along these lines:
  1. Do not cheat.
  2. If you cheat we will get you.
  3. Do not use mobile phones.
  4. Do not talk or you will be disqualified.
  5. You idiot should have brought food with you.
Number 5 was my invention, because i failed as usual to bring even water and the exam was 5 hours long, from 8-13:00. We see Kostas who is joking that he will fail and he doesn't care and that next time he will go to the bathroom, pretend he is taking a dump and cheat. Paulo is still anxious and Marie pretends to understand stuff. Even Jaime was a bit nervous. Only i have Ataraxia it seems, a lucid state of robust tranquility. I am characterized by ongoing freedom from distress and worry.

We get the papers with the questions. 12 questions, answer 10. Essay style, one page each answer. I take a quick look. I feel confidence brimming through my head and a devious sardonic smile starts taking shape. Game on.

I write 9 questions perfectly, because i was not sure about the other 3. It's all good. I finished in 2.5 hours and i start to leave. The others looked distressed and like they were midway through. Holger went through tendonitis and 3 pens before he finished. Before i left i just looked around. People brought lunches, Monster drinks, water, food, a girl next to me was practically having a picnic as she had a small basket of food, water, juice and yogurt. I then looked at my desk and saw a pen, yellow paper and my intestines eating themselves to maintain my spirit from going to another dimension.

Time to hit the road. Head out on the highway and look for some adventure. But before that some pictures of the examination buildings.

This is the tune of the week
So i find Marley and we bike towards my house. I decide i have to get food so i go to the local mall to buy food. I get pizza, pasta, milk, creme, fruits, chips and some drinks. I get home and i talk a bit with Despoina to set up a meeting later on for a beer or so. We agree to meet at 20:30 outside the usual Fika place. Ι sleep for a bit to have some energy.

It's 8 and i have to go. I reluctantly dress and sweat my way to Storkens where i find Despoina waiting at 8:34. Before i even get to her i give up and die on a concrete bench outside a kebab place. She tells me "You look horrible". Encouraging bestie! Thanks!

We decide to go to Varmlands Nation as the entrance before 9 is 20 crowns only. There is no line and we get inside. We leave our coats as it's free to unhappy indian people and we go upstairs. There is no music or dancing yet. There are some people in every room and Mattias seems to have shaved his head from the Heihachi Mishima era to a bald egg with a chicken ready to sprout out of it. I laughed so hard when he hugged Despoina and made her pat his baldie :D Everyone is dressed again, it is hilarious i will ninja photos between the paragraphs!

I don't know their names, but they posed so many times for me!
We meet Laura and Patrizia and Cecilia and in the end we sit down with them and we plan a trip to the oldest village in Sweden for Sunday. Laura is one of the prettiest girls i have seen in Sweden so far. Her boyfriend is coming again in the 1st of November, talk about dedication and love!

I see KevinFuckthegoverment in the other room gaming two girls. I go there and introduce myself to help him and be his wing. Two girls from France there. He is not doing that good so i pick him up and we go to the smoking area. He wants a smoke so i tell him to pick up a seat and sit with some random people.

Barney? Spyro the Dragon?
So we end up in a table with 4 girls and a guy. Bryan is from the Netherlands and is really a cool guy. The other girl is a blonde angel named Kiiiiraaaa from Finland. She is interesting and sweet and i keep talking to her a lot. I will meet her sometime.

Kira and Bryan
Oh i also saw Ida for the first time without her greek goddess costume. I managed to recognize her because she is so beautiful with or without the dress. I don't have a picture but she is breathtaking i can tell you that.

Kevin goes in the bathroom and i wait for 20 minutes he is nowhere to be found...So i go back up to find Despoina and we move to the other floor where people dance and have fun. My ankle is still sore and the music is terrible for me so i just drink a beer taking photos of people with or without me. I girl in a kimono told me Nej when i wanted a picture so i told her to buy a glass of bitch.

More random crazy swedish people!
We end up with a guy from Guatemala talking and ready to make our exit. There is a guy with a massive white turtleneck trying to hit on Kira it's so funny. I called him Dr. Zhivago. We go towards the coat area. Despoina made me smell her jacket. It smelled great and was so fluffy because she poured half the conditioner on it! I turn around and...

Handz me ze paperz or i zill exzecutez you!
Despoina is on the other end of a massive intergallactic hug attack from Mattias and we leave the nation. We pick up Marley and we pass through a flower place with strange decorations. Picture soon. I walk her home because I am a great guy and i start making my way home. There is no message from my russian angel. But i will leave one for her.

When everything is said and done
To looking for answers if only one
Turn my back the urge has gone
Left with no reason we come undone

What are you waiting for?
Just surrender here tonight
What are you waiting for?
As we go towards the light

We will go towards the light baby.

As i park outside my garage i feel the breeze stroking my hair. I finally feel free. It's a land of pleasures and fun and interest and a ton of amazing things to do and witness.

I wish we could take this to heart. A land where imagination rules and wandering the world could be a dream that will come true. To traverse the planet and uncover the most sacred places on foot alone. May we see the night when we live for the now. Blessed be, sleeping Dreamers.

I am expecting more comments, love and sharing! I love your comments!

Have a great weekend Sweden

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