Friday, October 17, 2014

Avengers: Disassemble

This week has been full of ups and downs as usual. But boy oh boy, i am going to keep soaring up towards the limitless sky now that i am free.

I didn't do a lot of great things since my last melodramatic post. The most notable part was on Sunday, when i went along with Despoina, Orla, Patrizia, Cecilia, Laura to the oldest town in Sweden, Sigtuna. I will get back to that story later, i will do a recap for now.

We woke up early to go to the V-dala Brunch, where you pay 70 crowns and you can eat as much as your stomach can hold. From fake pasta to meatballs to chocolate cakes and muffins, cheese, bread, butter and raspberry and the mandatory coffee or juice. Actually the buffet was not that great that day and i was left trying to swallow the cold pasta that reminded me of the army food.

Apparently Despoina looked forward to leaving soon too!

Where are thou? Shall we drink some tea?
We go outside and walk towards the train station. I left Marley at D's house. The others joined us by bike. The train left at 13:11 and we managed to miss it. Fantastic now we had to wait one more hour. We were supposed to get the train to Marsta and from there pick up the bus to Sigtuna. So the little dictator guided us back to the city and we entered a mall. A woman's heaven actually because it was full of shoes and bags and jeans and accessories and dozens of cute cashiers who i was eyeballing not so discretely. For the love of god when we entered that place with the various aromas i wanted to gouge my eyes and feed them to the dogs. It made me feel sick for some reason.

So this time we make it to the train in time. I just played some Rayman to kill some time we discussed a bit and before we knew it we made it to the Marsta station. In the pressbyran i got some fantastic pink cinnamon bullar that was soft and fresh and i wanted 30 more.

We found out we had to take bus 570 or 575 and we stayed at the bus stop for like 30 minutes. It started raining and half of us didn't have an umbrella. The horror.

Little group meeting. Cecilia, Patrizia, Laura, Despoina, Orla from left to right.
We finally get on 570. We ask the polite lady in the front where should we get off and she says she will show us. I went into limbo listening to my own style of music, thinking about the things i did wrong. Watch out where you express your feelings people. The downfall can be really big. I am experienced now and i can deal with it. You, watch out for the pitfalls.

We make it to the little town. Built around 980 it's the oldest town in sweden. The rain starts more heavily. I crawl under Cecilia's umbrella and we all race towards the old town hall. Amazingly preserved, it had a room dating back to 1800's and it had no lights in order to keep it natural. People can get married there actually.

...and inside.
Moving on we traversed trough the breathtaking scenery and the old roads, with the air and atmosphere so peaceful and clean, where you could only hear the drops of raining crashing against the tarmac and our umbrellas and beating down the autumn leaves from the trees.

So pretty!

And there was a small road, with a carpet made from fallen leaves, leading to a majestic old cafe from centuries ago. Everything here felt like it was brought back to life from another era, an era of chivalry, peace and love. And let's not forget the perfect grandma on the entrance.

Welcome to Sweden!
We moved on and on and it felt so quiet. We crossed roads without cars until we made it to the pier where boats where casually residing there and the waves splashed them with passion. The sights were spectacular and if you desire peace and quiet, this is the place to live.

Welcome to Eden...
We walked backwards towards the big church, surrounded by a graveyard. It's a strange thing in Sweden, even a graveyard can look spectacular. We also took the mandatory pictures.

Me and the Eskimo :)
Moving back we ran to get the bus. We took 575 this time. Back in Marsta then, listening to more music. I traveled to places far away from space and time, fueled by adrenaline and passion. After all i am going to Finland this wednesday to see my friends.

That was it pretty much. The rest of the week involved crushing my heart, recovering, studying A LOT and presenting a GIS project today about the landslides in Guantanamo, Cuba. We also lost Ippu, my friends lovely dog who i love so much and luckily we found her too.

Sweet baby, please don't scare me again.
About the presentation? Wow we are like the bad brothers of the Avengers. We assembled to create chaos and destruction and laugh until our eyes explode. Yesterday we had to make the presentation and we were for 10 hours in the GIS lab. I wonder how they did not kick us out. From throwing papers to calling Sandra a good dog to sending gif's and hairy nude men, Holger almost cried. Jaime looked like a mad scientist ready to flip out murmuring stuff about rasters and layers and facepalming. Sandra was red like the priest from our village church when he drank too much red wine.

Today at the presentation it was even more hilarious. We forgot something and i changed the slide and Jaime the baboon casually screams "Not that slide you idiot!" and i laughed so hard. Amazing i tell you!

But but now i am preparing for my trip to Finland and Turku! I will be back before the weekend with more horrible stories! As always, subscribe, like and share please! Closing in with the required grandma selfie.

Bye Sweden!

Why so serious?


  1. Hi Kostas
    i was worried what you say about your downfall and expressing feelings, is like you sometimes write a lot about feelings and this and others just about a trip, and the reader get concerned.
    I wish you have a very good trip to finland and come back with a lot of histories.

    PD sorry for my english :(

    1. Your support is so important to me! Thank you so much! I am very strong don't worry! But i also like to be expressive otherwise my blog would feel fake! But the moral is that you can always defeat anything bad and come up stronger! I will take a lot of pictures and will bring many stories with me! Goodnight!