Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'm too old for this gasque

It's Saturday already.

Thursday and Friday went down fast. But everything you do here is a reflection of the vivid, fast-paced life you should expect when moving in a student city like Uppsala.

Thursday was really casual, with the exception of waking up in Silent Hill and waiting for a monster to attack you in any corner.

Welcome to Silent Hills..
We had our second GIS lab around 8:15, where the teacher just threw us a paper with instructions and we had to follow them and make a workflow model in arcMap. It was not that hard in the end but the info lacked cohesion at some points. I did good and had some nice collaboration with Isabelle and Cecilia.

I stayed a bit longer than normal to send the required files. Everyone left at around 12:00, which is the essential lunch break for Swedes. There could be a meteorite striking earth but they will have their lunch break. Remember that and respect it.

I went home and just did my homework, studied Swedish and finished my first "test" even writing my first essay in swedish talking about myself. Wow that is going pretty fast huh?

I chatted a bit with my angel because it's been almost a week since i saw her. I watched some CS:GO videos and around 30 times Captain America kicking the Winter Soldier into a van. I also listened to a lot of music, which has been a recurring trend since i moved here and i like it. I sent my angel the world's sweetest kisses and slept like a baby.

From dusk till dawn, it's Friday. I still need to pay the dentist. I wake up at 8:28, quickly get dressed and clean my fabulous new teeth. It's time to enter the Matrix again and pick up Marley.

Biking to the tunes of my random library i heard from Drums n Bass to Melodic Death to Pop. I struggle at the hill towards the GeoCentrum but i finally pretend to lock Marley. Cecilia is there and we greet eachother, me with a massive struggle for air and breathing. Heavy legs and the weight of 26 turbulent years on my back. A glare directed to Marley.

Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity. I wear my nicest smile and regain my composure and enter the GeoCentrum. Oh there's Jaime, let's head up towards the Earth System's lab. Christian is there and he gives us a nice introduction to the Cryosphere lab.

I am together with Isabelle and a guy called Ahmed, who has not shown up for the master's program. So we have to do double the work compared to the others. Sarah is next to me. Isabelle is really easy going and smart and hard-working, i like working with her. Which is a stark contrast with how pretty she is, by greek standards of course.

After a barrage of questions and Christian accusing me of stealing Holger's wallet that was pretty funny, we manage to get to the lunch break around 12:00. I stay in the lab untill 13:00 to finish most of the stuff. Izie gets part one and i get part two.

I go out with Jaime and we head towards the professor in charge of our GIS project, Caterina. She is not there and i draw a sad face emoticon outside her drawing board. Jaime laughs and we continue making hideous jokes about the people that pass by, like the woman with the jelly butt. We eventually go to Rickard, the head professor of the course. He tells us with his usual soothing calm voice that we need to mail the Caterina and set up a meeting.

Going out the first word to come out of Jaime's mouth towards the other people waiting outside for the same reason is "Go home". I burst into laughter and we go in the GIS computer room to finish some exercise.

Actually Jaime did all of my work, which was to create a watershed map model of a lake basin around Kiruna. My map was tilted and horrible, and it had some weird flag-resembling drawing in the upper corner. I laughed so hard for the following hour with Jaime and we managed to make it look like some sort of map.

I thanked him for helping me because i was/am clueless and promised him to wash the dishes for the following 10 years, which was not probably a good idea. We go out and pick up his bike and Marley, who was still there sadly. Then i figure out he lives next to me in Gottsunda.

We bike together and he throws a million kg of sand from his bike. I get bamboozled but i soon understand, because he drags me through a construction site to get home. It's the same construction the three swedes took me inside in my previous adventures.

I make it home and by bread, a coke and cheese from Lidl for around 31 crowns. I'm living quite cheaply here so far, eating outside, having fun and drinking a bit. Stockholm is way more expensive, i made the right choice.

I sleep for a bit and message my russian angel for a meeting. Elizabeth can't go to the gasque so she has a pre-drink party at Flogsta. I message her i'm not going as i will meet my Vitalina at Pop...ehm Upplands to try and sneak in the gasque or something around 7.

I get up at 6:40, bathe until 6:44, get ready and leave the house at 6:57. Marley is my biggest bane, we make it to the Upplands nation around 19:15. I race inside and look for my princess.

Guess what, she is nowhere. I wander aimlessly and without purpose in the yard seeing boring people eating boring burgers. There is a girl that looks like her, i stare and my heart pumps faster with anticipation. It's not her.

I end up picking up a chair calling 4 times and sending an sms. I guess i never learn. You know it's soul crushing waiting for someone you like so much and being powerless to do anything. But call me an idiot, i don't care in the end, it will be worth it. She's finally there after 35 minutes.

I lay down clutching my face while she gets to me and gives me a hug. Damn you Vitalina for being so pretty, you wash all my trouble away in an instant.

We try to get in the gasque, but we have no invitation and we are not dressed formally. So we sit and have some fun in Upplands, then move to Varmlands, which is equally boring. We end up sitting in a table with two boring swedish women sharing half a Cider. There is a guy behind us in the table chopping paper and napkins into pieces like mad all night, some disgusting Jack Daniels bottles with candles inside and a woman dressed as a zebra behind me.

On the other side of the room at the couches, the most sad recollection i have so far from sweden. A guy with his girlfriend, looking so depressed and facepalming himself, while his girl is laughing watching at her iphone screen all the time. In the end she just leaves him, he waits for 5 minutes and then he leaves too with the look of a thousand wars and famine and plague in his face.

We have a great discussion with my angel and a lot of fun. Time flies by and it's around 10 now. I don't have to share what we talked about, it was mostly about our past, our future and the occasional "you make me feel happy and special" speech. Oh we had a great laugh about Mattias and his pervert hugs too.

Did i mention that she left her bike by luck right next to Marley? Of all the hundreds of bikes there. I get her safely home as she makes fun of Marley. We exchange hugs and i hope i see her again soon.

I get to Snerikes, where there is no entrance that day. It's empty and quiet, mostly due to the gasques around the city. I find Elizabeth and Catherine along with around 20000 men around them. There are a bit smashed, so i don't really bother. We sit, and i exchange a friendly hug with Elizabeth, because she is in the friend zone now, say goodbye and leave with Kostas, another greek.

We go to the line in Varmlands. Nikos and a swedish girl i don't care to remember join us, but the club is closing in 1 hour and i am not paying 80 crowns for that. I follow those two towards OG nation, we get in, we manage to get some beers and watch sad people dance to tunes unheard off by me.

I end up alone in the room below, sitting with a broad smile on my face watching everyone dance like they have no bones or their limbs are about to leave their bodies. It's just not my style anymore. I am past that phase. I casually drink my beer thinking about leaving. Then out of the dancefloor comes Danika and Natalie.

Danika is looking absolutely dazzling. I literally caught myself with my jaw dropping at times. We have some fun with Natalie, who is a pretty cool girl too.

Time for me to go though. I get Marley and reluctantly bike home. It's cold as usual. It's becoming a cliche, me saying that it pierces through my soul and bones.

But i make it home around 2 am. There are 2 things left to do. Say goodnight to my angel and tell her i had a great time. And send a message to Danika telling her she was the most beautiful woman in that room.

Goodnight Sweden, or maybe, Hej prepare for another busy weekend!

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