Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's just me and you. Yu? not yu, you!

I feel way too lazy to type right now.

Tuesday was just an average day. Lab 3 of the GIS lab and some statistics course, which lead to me and Holger dying from laughter as usual. We had to name some of our data layers and he named his Spornosexual, Bananahammond while i named mine dragonpower and pinkdeath. Then we just left for home, i made more fun of him losing his wallet and i painfully rode Marley back.

I stay home polishing a report i had with Isabelle, and talking to random people, including my russian princess. Oh remember the friend that sent me home packing from Stockholm 3 weeks ago? She sent me a message not to ever contact her again or her sister (?!?!).

Outside it was cold, like -3! In Greece they had +35, a stark contrast. So i just pillaged some villages in clash of clans, watched even more funny videos, said goodnight to my sweetie and slept.

Then during the morning around 7, all hell broke loose. I wake up and i see my landlord looking like a ghost above my bed and a 65 year old man ON my table, IN my bedroom cleaning the windows. Why? Karma? This country not liking me? It's ok it will take more than that to beat me :D

I also paid the dentist and went for the newest seminar in biosphere to talk about phytoplankton. We all had a nice discussion and then i sat on the couch outside, finished my report of the GIS lab and went to Swedish class. I usually sit with Anton, but he was nowhere. I see a guy i thought he looks like him. We sit together for 2 hours and i casually talk to him like we are buddies. Class ends, i check out his name and it's Christophe. Epic Fail.

Back at home, we have a really long and interesting discussion with Ingrid, my new best friend in Sweden. I kept her company until 1am, because i am kul.

I wake up at 10:06. My phone rings and i see my stockholm "friend" calling me a dirty gypsy and an infection and that she wants some money back otherwise people will beat me up. I never saw that coming. I reply politely, ask for her account number and move on with my day.

We had a meeting in GIS lab and we did nothing for 2 hours. We laughed, i called Holger the source of all evil, i asked him to show me his wallet, we had some fun talking about me and you with Jaime, who was about to burst either from laughter or frustration.

In the end we starting cracking horrible jokes and i actually shed some tears from laughter. I am back home now after discussing ridiculous lines from Top Gear with Jaime sitting on my bed ready to take a nap. Hej, not every post can be incredibly fun right?

So tomorrow is Friday, so get ready for more crazy weekends!

Bye Sweden!

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