Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Will you buy me a drink? No.

Strange stuff happen lately. But i should probably take one thing at a time right?

Monday was just a casual day in the office. I just exchanged random funny stuff with Jaime and Holger at the Dynamic Earth systems class. The hot topic was hydrosphere and the teacher was a PhD student.

His lecture was ok, but every sentence was followed by a yoga-like "OOoooohmmmm".

Jaime kept staring at me every time he did that and i saw him with the corner of my eye trying to hold my self from laughing. I cracked once and the teacher, who was talking about hydrophobic stuff asked me if i need anything.

Think fast Kostas. And the most stupid question came out.

"I actually do have a question, what is the opposite of hydrophobic in English?". Like i didn't know it's hydrophile. It was embarrassing, but i never laughed again because it was disrespectful and the teacher was actually pulling a good job.

So we finish at 15:00 and i go for a Fika with Elizabeth, the cute american lady. We are the usual place at stora torget and there is also Andrew and two others. I get a bullar and an amazing chocolate cake. The others leave because they have swedish class and it's just me and Elizabeth. We chat a bit more, i unleash my weird usual self and we take Marley towards the park next to Carolina Rediviva, so she can continue to Flogsta and i can go for swedish at 6 pm.

We sat to a table in the middle of the park, so much green and fresh air, sun rays piercing through the leaves and trees. We talked more, we had fun. I like being around her she is always smiley and a great person.We also have the following exchange of words:

"Do you like it rough or gentle?", i ask.

"It depends how good you are, both are good!", she replies.

Funny how talking about massage can sound so funny and weird. She leaves at around 5:13 and i go to building 3L.

I sit outside, talk to my beloved friends Maria and Viktoria through skype and listen to some much needed metal music.

I get inside, we are like less people from last time. Gregor is missing, he turned out to be sick. I sit in my usual spot next to Anton, we exchange some russian and class starts.

Fast forward 2 hours of jattebra and i am biking home. I send some messages to my lovely russian lady and i study for my seminar on wednesday.

I need to wake up at 6:30, class starts at 8:15. Ι manage to get out of bed at 7:33 after postponing the alarm 13 times. I quickly get dressed and bike towards the lab with Jesus from Nazareth. Biking quickly is a metaphor, because marley is useless.

The professor still has his slow voice but he is good in the lab. Really helpful and explaining things and always willing to give a hand. We didn't finish all of the project but we got until the end with some teamwork.

I really like the educational system here. I don't really feel pressure so far, but i always have something to do, something to read, motivation not to skip class. Something interesting to do, to discuss, which is further enhanced by the seminars who are an exchange of opinions, a debate and a way to sharpen our minds and critical thoughts.

I go home at 12:37 after buying bread, cheese and yogurt for 47 crowns. I am meeting Despoina and Vassilis around 19:30 at Norrlands pub. I sleep a bit and skype with my finnish beautiful friend Carita.

I take Marley and i make it to Norrlands. I see Despoina like a zombie focus on brainssssss. That means her phone. I sit there for 15 seconds staring at her and when she looks up she gets startled and i laugh like a maniac :D

We go in and find Vassilis who was there already with an icelander Garðar and an Australian. Vassilis drinks 2 beers while i decimate my burger, while Despoina slowly makes a surgery to her burger to remove stuff she doesn't like.

We leave and walk a bit around town. It's 21:00 and we are supposed to meet her friends at 21:30, Patrizia and Orla. I am supposed to meet Amy and some others later.

We take 10 minutes to find where on earth to put Marley, which ends up to be around Upplands nation. We go in, i pay my 60 crowns and the Snerikes club is packed. With weird people dressed as superman, batman, spiderman, lobster man, ancient greeks. Pity i forgot my camera.

We meet some more greeks and a crazy italian guy. Oh remember the girl i was looking for? I found her and her equally pretty friend Maja, who was drunk as everyone and apparently she became sober later and she turned cold.

But the funniest part of the night was coming. Oh look, there is Caitlin and her friend zoey, joey, whatever.

"Will you buy me a shot?", Caitlin asks me. Literally first word.

"No", i reply.

"You are so mean!"

"I am".

"Will you let me go broke????".

"Fuck you", i reply.

Scumbag Steve knows better.
So the other snobish one tells me i forgot her name, when i don't care and the other hag is telling me to buy her a drink while i just want to know where are the others. Oh i liked the point where they told me that i am attracted to Elizabeth and i write about her in my blog. Fuck you. Or wait, that's a big wish.

Amy, who looks stunning once more arrives, Ridhima, Kevin Fuckthegoverment, Steffen, Harmeet and many people i probably forgot. We have some fun, they dance, Catherine gets smashed and we end up talking to random people, me saving Amy from boring wannabe Casanova's and her underwear being shown three times on the bench after her confirmation of a sober date. Moving around with Harmeet who is like the king of the kings here and saying random crap to girls was hilarious. Coolest dude ever, all the ladies flock to him.

We leave, i get Marley, who is still there sadly and i bike through the cold that pierces my bones and crushes my soul.

I crawl into bed and die again.

I got class at 8:15. It's with Jesus and i will skip it. Instead i just go to the seminar @ 10:15 for the DES course. It's fairly interesting and our team is quite strong. Sara is brilliant, Erik is methodical, smart and a really great guy, Paulo doesn't talk that much but when he does, he has something worthwhile to say. Well apart from the tongue twister with the tigers :D. Marie is french and is more quiet, but i am sure she understands more than she says.

Holger is about to gouge his eyes out and i make fun of him and his future wife/daughter. We joke about getting married and her being his daughter. The professor is hearing all this and he passes by saying congratulations on the marriage. I burst into tears of laughter. He is a great professor that knows his stuff, has a great sense of humor and explains everything great. The seminar was a success.

I go home, Holger loses another bus card along with his wallet, i text my russian angel. I eat a yogurt and i reluctantly go to swedish class after my bath. It takes ages for me to get there, or so it feels.

I sit next to Anton and Gregor, who is like the coolest german ever. Polite, funny, tidy with his homework and nightlife balance. Fast forward 2 more hours of Jatterbra and i find myself holding my fake phone-light to pretend i have a light on my bike and Marley takes me home like the wind. Literally like the wind, because i took all of it in the face.

I skype with my finnish miss and i send some supporting messages to my russian angel, because she had a rough time today with something personal. I will be there for her as for my friends whenever she needs me. Because i care.

Here is a song dedicated to her:

Champions league was boring. I need to sleep because we got Jesus tomorrow again. Don't buy drinks to anyone like this. Think if you would buy your friends, your girlfriends, your mates a drink in the same situation. She has to earn it. Don't try to cheaply buy her love either.

I am tired. Amy i love you sis. Goodnight Sweden.

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