Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Go go power rangers

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Leaving the classroom with a smile on my face like i was on magic mushrooms i stood there in the university yard and gazed upon hundreds of students casually sitting on the grass, reading, playing, having fun and listening to crap pop music. It was a joy to behold, like the day today. The sun rays pierced the clouds and reached within my very soul.

Almost 4 hours of lectures had passed, hearing about the solar system, cosmic rays, water and icebergs. I had studied so hard before i knew all the material. I remember the teacher asking a question that i already knew the answer and raised my hand. She gave me a cheeky smile and winked at me. I lowered my hand in satisfaction.

Just outside campus.
I took some pictures and listened to some music passing by the 1477 campus and library as well as the fantastic botanical garden. I don't recall seeing such beauty condensed in such a majestic city.

It's all lighted during the night. Breathtaking.
I walk towards town. Crap my temporary id expired. No cheap norrlands beer for me. Oh wait, the register office is closed too. Back on my way.

In Max's. Let's eat crap because i am bored. I am supposed to call someone at 6 to set up a meeting and it's still only 5:30. I watch outside the window and see weird people dressed in all kinds of uniforms. When you see a woman dressed as Pocahontas taking pictures of girls dressed as some sort of B-movie superheroes while a group of people passes by with plastic garbage bags for outfits you know something is really wrong. Or amazing. Or Swedish.

Go go power rangers.
I go outside the Norrlands building and sit. I learn from my sis that my mom is in the hospital. I feel depressed. She is not responding to my calls and i just sit there for 3 hours. I doubt many guys would sit 3 hours waiting for someone. I am very proud of my self.

There and back again...
I talk with my new bestie a bit and i head for the bus station. I get in the bus and she keeps me company while i head in the house. The landlord is 70 years old doing yoga. Fun times.

I go up in my room and have a discussion with the person i was supposed to meet. It did not go so well, she thought i was angry. I am not angry. A bit let down but angry? Nahhhh. I eat half a kg of yogurt. I shower. I need to study and sleep.

Goodnight Sweden

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