Thursday, September 11, 2014

7 billion smiles, and yours is my favorite

Waking up with excruciating pains all over my body and way too many iron man dreams later i crawled out of bed. I had to pick up Marley's twin sister, Salmonela. She is red and more dirty than you can imagine. She would probably weight 10 kg less if i washed her. But the seat was deceiving, comfortable. I had to bike to Geocentrum and thought it would be a good idea to try not using Marley.

Oh wait, what happened during the last 3 days?

Not much, so i will just give a quick recap. I went for class every day and restarted boxing, a new course began, i started learning swedish and i ran more than 50km. Let's not add the 50km i biked with Marley. Good job Gottsunda boy.

Class was ok, the new course about GIS was so boring. The teacher was speaking so slow, i could not keep concentration and felt sleepy. Which is a bit sad to admit, but i am always honest in what i write or i could just hire someone else to write in here. But i hope it gets better because some people told me that he is great during lab work, where the true work of GIS happens.

About boxing? It was like i never left the ring. I might make it to the fight in Stockholm next month. The training was intense enough for my liking, though there was no feedback from the coach. So you did not know if you were doing it correctly or wrongly. I was pretty much being the teacher to Olivier, who liked our training and wants to spar more with me.

Tomorrow i got my first seminar too, which was fairly easy (we got a 5 min presentation).

She is just so beautiful. Running with her and slowly revealing things about each others past is amazing. I got her some traditional Greek Pasteli that i saved for the first few special people that i would meet in Sweden. The other one is for my little sis Amy. We ran and ran and ran and walked and swung on the seesaw like little kids again.

Then we made it back to Rackatatatataburger. I crashed on her floor and gave her the gifts, she was so happy and i got a kiss on the cheek and the world's warmest hug.

7 billion smiles in this Planet and yours is my favorite...

I got two more kisses and i went home happy as usual. I hope i am going towards the right direction. I think she is special and that it can lead to something amazing.

Yesterday was so tough... New boring class, from 8:15 am until 15:00 with a 3 hour gap in between, which i used to make my fancy 2 page report assignment regarding global climate change by toying with the Solar Constant or the ice albedo. But you don't want to hear about that. Then i spent 1 hour waiting for Amy and the rest of the guys, like Harmeet, Raymon and some new people and we went for a fika downtown. I ate some chocolate pie and we had a really weird conversation about horses. I met a feisty young australian/russian girl and a little american sweetie/beautiful girl Elisabeth.
Why am i always waiting for a woman?
I went for Swedish class, disoriented and tired, legs crumbling and begging for me to stop. I found Jim who found me the class, 16-2043. I got there and i knew Gregor, Kostas, and a few more people.

Then came this amazing robot-like old lady Tulia or so that was going to teach us. She seemed happy, energetic and always shouting Jatter-bra!

We learned some basic stuff and when she asked which languages do i know i replied, Greek, English, French, Russian and sexiga svenska sprok, because i am an idiot. Thank you Queen V for that line, it brought a laugh on everyone's face :D

Then i went to Norrlands with a bunch of people and Jim. A greek guy Spyros was all the time on his phone and i was teasing the Austrian woman Lisie (somewhere along these lines). I waited 1 hour for my burger, devoured it and crawled back home like a lizard. Literally went on my bed on all 4.

Today after finishing the weirdest presentation i just dumped Salmonela (she is so filthy jesus) outside the Geocentrum and walked with Holger downtown. I sent some messages to my gorgeous angel and went for a fika with the usual suspects. I devoured a muffin and greeted Phoebe and the war-torn Danika who fell off her bike. Poor baby, big hug <3.

We joked a bit, i died some more and went on foot to Blasenhus to get Salmonela back. Oh it was a long way home. Because the filthy b@#ch had a flat tire. I listened to my favorite playlist 2 times and the relief was carved in my face when i saw my garage. In goes Salmonela, next to Marley.

I will study and go out for a drink since my angel is tired and will go see a movie. We are not dating (that was a punch below the belt for you stalkers :D) but who knows, maybe one day her heart will be mine!

Hej da Sweden!

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