Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Law Abiding Citizen

Live by the rules. Be polite. Be socially acceptable. BMW's are driven by idiots. Remove your shoes when you get in the house. Go to school. Go to university. Buy expensive clothes even if you don't have the funds to socially "fit in". Don't be judgmental. Do not fight. Pick up painting, writing. Become a doctor or a lawyer, that will get you higher social status.

Define success. Define polite. Define socially acceptable. Define democracy or monarchy.

There are so many things to consider. I have been thinking a lot today. What is acceptable in this society? Is it ok for someone to make fun of someone's god through satire and humor even if it ends up in terrorist? Is it not ok for someone to make fun of situations to make himself feel better and make some people around him laugh?

Do people even bother reading the important things in someone's post, book, article or do they skip the context and they focus on the things they subconsciously don't like or they want to comment on? Or things that they just look abnormal and abusive or offensive to others?

I have experienced all kinds of society. I have experienced those high class wannabes that are fueled by their sugar daddy and will never ever have to drop any sweat. I have seen those who work 3 jobs night and day 24/7 to provide just the basics for their family and ask nothing in return. What is socially acceptable? Does having more money make you a better person? Does being a teen or a university student give you the right or a free hall pass to party relentlessly because "that's normal" or "that's what people of my age do"?

What about those people with manners, that you look upon them and gaze them with respect and then in the flick of a switch become vampires or a completely different person? I have seen what alcohol does to people. I have seen what it does to Swedish youth. Let's not mix it up with older people here, for i have not witnessed it.

Contrary to some recent comment and beliefs i have the utmost respect to the swedish society. It has given me a beautiful country to live in, good education, potential future life and polite people that will help me on my way to "success". I am always polite, i help them whenever i can myself, i never judge them nor talk bad behind their back. We do it sometimes in the context of fun. I will not deny this. But we never ever mean it. In my post "groundhog day" i made a mistake and use a colleague's name as a fictional character in a stupid post. I deleted it and even he had not read my post i apologized to him.

I grew up in very hard circumstances and i am proud that i have made it so far. Crying 2-3 times a week from domestic violence or fear or anxiety was the normal. I learned that i must not take everything seriously and try to make fun of myself. I lived in a country where it was normal to tune into a tv channel were everyone called someone else an asshole or stupid or a gorilla or a monkey. That was called satire there. And everyone laughed at it even if sometimes it was over the top. I guess because they knew that it was not really serious. And we live in times where we need that laughter to forget for that 1.5 hour our problems and smile.

So what do you mean by seeing that i developed no social behavior and manners while in Sweden? Have you got any idea of the things i have seen here? I have seen things that you can only see in Greek Islands by mostly foreigners, of Swedish and English descent that come to party relentlessly and do not care about anything. People taking a shit in plain view, in places where couples walk their children. I have seen men and women turn into mindless beasts because that is what people do. People that you would respect so much during the daytime but show up their true (?) self during intoxication. Welcome to a student city.

Is that normal? Maybe. Lets not put all the eggs in one basket. Not everyone is like this. And definitely not everyone is Swedish of course. This is not an attack or anything. I am just trying to understand. I could simply do the easy thing, delete that post and get on with my life.

But is this the correct way? People were attacked by terrorists for expressing their beliefs or doing satire and making fun. Did they back down? No they kept going. So why should i change the way i feel or express myself? To comply with what is normal? To show i learned how to behave here? Did any of you that felt offended look at the warnings? Did any of you read the underlined parts that said that it was fake?

The post was over the edge. I admit it. Deal with it. But you should maybe as well look at your own reflection in the mirror. Take a pause and think. Is my social behavior correct?

Goodnight Sweden.

What is acceptable?

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