Thursday, January 8, 2015

“Sweetie, your shorts are shrinking by the second.”

I have been sitting here in front of the screen for 2 hours. Scratching my head trying to find something worth writing.

Some of you anonymous people might still follow me and read what i write. I could complete the adventures of the kid. I could make fun of things and tell you about my lazy sundays playing Hearthstone or simply fooling around with Jaime and his incredible dad. I could write a new story or share what happened last new year. I could write more from my memoirs regarding my past love or the dreaded army days. Or i could actually do something useful and tell you which bus goes where in Uppsala, how much the fares cost or the prices for food. I could teach you chemistry, statistics or how to write a proper report and then present it without death by PowerPoint.

These things are all good but the things that bother me are 2.

I always ask for support, a share, a like, a comment on what to do, what to write, if i suck or not. The last comments i received helped me regain my grip on reality and were a strong smack in the face. I want that. I need that. I don't want to be stale. So please, any suggestions would be nice. Hell i can vlog you through Uppsala sometime with a goPro camera.

A few months ago i published 2 informational interviews with two incredible women. Women that make a difference daily and were so interested in sharing their information with people like us, aspiring young students, professionals, ambitious people or people that needed guidance and to light up their spark. The interviews of Sandie Will and Sara Dolatshahi.

I posted them up in facebook, stumbleupon, vkontakte, google+ and any place i could think of. Because i thought it was worth it. I got 0 comments, a couple of likes and a very warm reception from these two women. I thank them very much.

Yesterday i was browsing the facebook news. I saw a girl i did not know, probably around 15 dressed in the most disgusting, repulsive and sexist way in a playboy style pose. She was probably a friend of someone i knew and represented everything that is wrong in the modern society. Objectification of women and the need that is instilled to them by social pressure and the modern woman of the 00's that they have to wear as less as possible to be attractive. I bet she feels nice about herself. I don't care, it's good that she does, but do i have, no wait, do i want to see the butt-cheeks of a 15 year old on my wall? Because that's how short were her pants.

But that is not the case, it's her life and the freedom they have been granted by their parents. But noooo kind sir, not only i will dress like that, i will post it on facebook so everyone can tell me how pretty i am and i can feed my ego and raise my self esteem. What the fuck is wrong? Where did the strong, independent, intellectually stimulating women go?

The rant stops here and i will get to my main point. That photo had 352 likes. Another one of my friends drinking vodka and being "skål bitches" had 200. And it kept going like this. Maybe they had more friends who knows but these photos have become so generic yet people continue to like them. But when there is a text that has something actually interesting to read and learn, they don't care.

Last week on new year's i was in Flogsta after seeing the most depressing fireworks in the world with my friend Elizabeth. It reminded me why i don't go out in clubs or party like mad. It was disgusting, funny at times and worth making a documentary about. Maybe you blokes would like to see a video in action. A man approaches me tilting his head like he was seeing Joan D'arc and he kisses me on the chick, then his first line was:

"I'm bisexual, no homo" 

I am really irritated because he smells like vodka and his behavior is repulsive. So my reply was:

"If you touch me again i will snap your dick and shove it up your ass"

Can you guess what his reply was just as i was about to punch him on the throat and break his kneecaps?

"Ok i will not talk about politics i am sorry". Like, my tiny little nipples have went to France and i like to do the cha cha like a sissy girl. Then he jumped on top of an asian dude lying dead on the couch.

I could post pictures or videos of these crap and get 50-100 likes per photo.  I don't want to. I want to escape from this. No wonder i have nothing interesting to write about. And YOU are going to help me do it i hope. Suggest something to write about. Something about politics? Greece? Info on Uppsala life? Info on my shitty masters program? Or maybe you would like to know how my idiotic colleague sent a report with the phrase "very crash, a lot of sad".

Peace out, goodnight Sweden.

Sadly i had to eat Rudolf.

PS. Elizabeth, i am going to miss you. Kevlar, you too man.


  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.

    1. Thank you very much! I actually read your latest blog post too i found it very interesting as well!

  2. The GoPro vlog would be great! Also tell us if everyday life, university and people there are what you expected before going and how much has your opinion changed now. Καλημερα απο Θεσσαλονίκη!