Friday, January 23, 2015

Sex, sulfur and a fishy business

The more i go to these new lectures, the more i understand that power, business and economics are the influence behind everything. From the earthquake decisions in L'Aquila, to the ridiculous reductions in emissions in cars, to the ban of Tesla Motors in the USA, to the so called environmental assessments.

My Flicka... :(
It's been a very interesting week as always. Lectures with the yoga-man, a professor named Troll, another person called From and my favorite, Justin Time. No wonder i came up with the fantastic phrase: "A Troll came From Stockholm and arrived Justin Time and Yu Niu about this". Magnificent. Maybe the reasons i do not have friends, or friends like Jaime :D

In Entrepreneurship we were handed a case about a film making company in Sweden called Mookie. What a ridiculous name, when i heard of it i thought of bankruptcy. It was a real story from 1998. We read a small paper and we were asked to put from a scale of 1-10 how we thought they were going to perform one year later. I immediately turned left and told Silvia: "Bankruptcy". 

Oh boy they did end up bankrupt! I love this class even more by the day! And today's ridiculous class with the yoga man and his red underwear for 4 hours straight was exhausting. I failed hydrochemistry along with many others because we sucked in the last question. Way to go fantastic grading way!

Also, if you clicked on this page because you saw sex in the title, go back to your caves, to or click in one of the ads on the left that offer you dating with Russian women.

Sex, sulfur and a fishy business is a video we watched in class about the extinction of fish in Norway and it was pretty fun, i definitely recommend it. There is also another baboon called Hans Rosling that apparently says that the Earth's population will stabilize in 10 billion people based on statistics, babies and religion. I guess he thinks that a magical snap of fingers will give our planet limitless resources. There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

I wish i had more pictures to show to you. The only new one comes from class today, where everyone was "so" thrilled and interested.

Swedish tabloids at their finest.
My posts are getting more frequent again, but also shorter. I did find out that i have around 3 weeks free at the end of March though! Wee for Finland! Other than that i am alive and kicking, just ask Holger and Jaime what i would do if i got 1000 crowns every month for free! Other than that i was in such a good and asshole mood today that i drew a very mature dialogue on a poster that said "I like to suck cock". Shallow, like the Greek economy i know.

Well i hope i can cook up something interesting during the weekend and hopefully after i am done drafting my projects i can write something substantial. Which reminds me it would be great to see some comments hitting the comment section!

Until we meet again, Goodnight Sweden!


  1. Hey you can't call Hans Rosling a baboon! He is a genius

    1. If you knew me better you would know that i am being more sarcastic and funny than serious. I checked his latest TEDtalk about religion and babies. While I admire his skills on statistics and analyzing current models i think he is way too absolute and certain regarding future projections. For example, check that video. He says that we should plan for 10 billion people. Imagine we do. And for some reason we end up having 20 billion. What would happen then? Point the finger? Die? Hope our resources are magically replenished? No he is not a baboon. But he does not impress me either. We had a thorough discussion in class and many used loads of interesting arguements. Some were actually in Hans's talks and they said that they felt he was trying to enforce his opinion on them, sell them his ideas. Thanks for the comment though!