Friday, January 16, 2015

Traits of successful people

A new semester is about to start on Monday. I have too much free time in my hands now that my exams ended. And i could not be more excited. I took a class from the Ekonomikum regarding Entrepreneurship and it looks so interesting that it makes me wonder why didn't i pick up a business master's degree instead. It is probably because my bachelor had nothing to do with it i guess!

I already finished the first assignment that will be discussed in the first lecture and it was great. It had a collection of famous people's biographies like Richard Branson of Virgin or Stelios Haji-Ioannou of EasyJet. The idea was that these successful people are products of their own environment, with strong stimuli from their parents and their social circle, leading them to develop important traits and perks that helped them in their careers.

That could not be more true. What you see in these people can help you in your own conquest of your dreams. There is a fierce drive inside them, a passion and a vision that stems from their titanic confidence and their belief in their ability. What is also important is that each of those people know who they are, they accept themselves and they know their position in the world.

Another interesting fact is that most of them have had a rough childhood. Most people learn to give up and think negatively. A man that is born poor has the mindset that he has to die poor too. They learned to adapt, to take matters in their own hands and see every obstacle as a solution to an older problem or a springboard to greater heights.

Richard Branson, for the womanizer he is, is the definition of success. His mother left him at the age of 4 half a mile away from home to find his own way back to toughen up. Boy he did. He is one of the most successful people and entrepreneurs on the planet now running a multibillionaire company with branches in aviation, the music industry, space travel etc.

People like these are always more excited about the journey and not the goal. Maybe because  they already know that they will achieve it if they put effort, thought and resources. What is also interesting is that they are self-reliant, however they surround themselves by the best minds. They create a "master-mind", a group of extraordinary people with minds and thoughts that vibrate in the same frequencies and their collective work brings success and power, unlimited power.

Lastly, one thing that i noticed is the influence their parents had on them. They almost always picked up a trait or two from each one of them. Mike Lynch of Autonomy is quoted saying that he got his vision from his mother and his work rate from his father, a nurse and a fireman respectively.

Some random thoughts to kick-start the day.

Good morning Sweden!

I love Finland.

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