Monday, February 2, 2015

A trip down memory lane

Hi. Welcome to another episode of Kostaswhinesalot.

I spent 2-3 days in complete solidarity after Friday's pizza marathon with Dimitris and Spyros which was not really a marathon. During these days i was actually productive in some sense. I completed my business plan for Entrepreneurship as well as a group assignment we had. I did the writing and my group members really liked it! Yay! Which makes my life much easier for the following 1.5 month, as the deadline is on March 9 and there are no exams.

Way to go Meowth!
Apart from that we were "blessed" with more good news from Greece, as one of our dogs died from rat poison today. More on that topic and how horrible human cruelty on animals can be later. I also watched a lot of HearthStone and CS:GO tournaments during the weekend to kill some time. I studied some hydrological processes. And i watched terrible movies and some shows that brought back many many memories.

I will go down on memory lane first. During my winter vacations i visited the house of a relative of the Fox in Espoo in Finland. We were talking and during that the kids were either ramming our heads or watching some sort of cartoons. With horror after 30 minutes we found out that the cartoon was supposed to be PacMan, armed with a terrible plot and terrible CGI. I thought on Friday, what happened to all the shows i used to watch as a kid? They looked so cool, so maybe that show looked cool to the kids now too!

I fired up on YouTube my finest childhood memories. First i watched some episodes of Dragonball. Hilarious, action paced, incredibly hard to follow, like a Michael Bay movie with tons of explosions, only not crappy and without slow motion. Then i spent almost the entire weekend watching Voltron: Defender of the Universe. I ended up watching 61 episodes of the GoLion version. There were some moments that looked idiotic and predictable now that i am all grown up, but i found myself absorbed as much as i was a little boy, watching the first two episodes on a VHS time and again. I still remember the sounds of victory, or when the blazing sword came out of those robot lions, ready to punish those evil Robeasts. There was a blend of action and morals, effects that i still value greatly compared to shitty CGI, nice fights and humor when it involved space mice and their leader Cheddar. Which reminded me that the evil witch in my house ate all my 8 slices of cheddar the other day. Nooooo not the cheddar!!!

Then on this glorious Sunday of February 2nd i remembered how cool Power Rangers looked. It was one of my favorite shows back then 20 years ago along with Goosebumps. Wow do you remember these two?

I got really curious so i watched the 1995 movie of Power Rangers. Oh my god what a mess. Terrible script and lets not talk about the CGI. I know CGI was so premature back then but even the TV show looked better. It was atrocious from the monsters and especially the giant robots. The only great part was the villain, who was absolutely hilarious. Which brings me back to today's cartoons. What do we have now? Is there any iconic cartoon left worth watching? What is your opinion?

Moving on i don't know why but i prefer watching professional players play HearthStone more than me playing lately. If you take a walk in Twitch you will find countless of random players, from good to bad. Some of them are terrible casters, some make you sleep, some make you giggle all the time like Amaz does. Some actually read the chat and respond and that is hilarious. But i think i keep going back there because of Twitch chat. That thing is stupendous. Every player has his own fan base and if their favorite streamer is not streaming they just go into another famous player's stream and cause mayhem. It is absolutely fun. Thousands of players spamming every second, people writing lines like "I am gay but no one will notice here!", riot, take some salt, asking the streamer to roleplay so when their character takes damage in game they pretend to take damage in real life. It is worth a visit. I was watching another bearded guy playing a shitty zombie apocalypse game called H1Z1 (which sounds like the H1N1 virus...) and for every sub, kill or death he drank more beer. The end result was ridiculous as he was smashed beyond imagination.

To end this, i watched a review and played a game considered to be one of the worst ever made, a game that has become so viral and being so bad its good. It is called Hong Kong 97. The plot is incredible. It starts with some text that greets you with the phrase: "The year 1997 has arrived. A herd of fuckin' ugly reds. are rushing from the mainland". Then it shows you the picture of a man that looks like Bill Clinton, telling you, the player to eliminate 1.2 billion Chinese. Oh you are supposed to be Chin, a relevant of Bruce Lee. There is nothing to talk about the gameplay, you just shoot some bad guys, avoid picking up things because you die instantly and then you face off with a giant head. I haven't laughed so hard since i reviewed Baboon Simulator.

Which brings me to the original topic. Last week we tackled why people hurt each other. Now it is time for why do people hurt animals. Animal cruelty is reaching a peak in Greece it is disgusting. In this occasion the cause seems to be accidental. But we have seen so much poisoning of poor animals all over the country. On my back yard right outside my home a whole pack of cats and dogs were poisoned withing a few months. Another one was shot with a shotgun in the rear legs from a hunter. We saved that one. A stray unknown dog with an operation that cost more than 500 euros. Back at thessaloniki there was a massive poisoning of dogs in Touba when i had my own little one there. A golder retriever named Alfie died in front of everyone slowly and painfully. I remember in the shotgun case the animal welfare organization that is supposed to help lied to me, telling me that the operation had a 10% success and would cost over 1000 euros. Just to save the money. I might as well turn into a vegan in the end.

New month, new week ahead of us tomorrow. Brace yourselves for the ride.

Goodnight Sweden.

This is Rallou. She was only 3 months old.

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