Tuesday, February 3, 2015

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

The world around me begun to buzz like a thousand bees humming and stinging accompanied by the booming voice of a million drums echoing in his ears. Something was wrong. My legs began to numb and they froze mid-air. My heart was slammed into my throat. The floor scooped me up where I stood, and I blinked as it hit me. Then i succumbed to a dark slumber, lost somewhere in space and time, afloat. Dead, but also alive. There was way out. The next few seconds took forever. I was not sure if minutes or hours had passed. Blank spots and the endless void, took me away into a lethe that was terrifying yet astonishing. Then...silence got blown apart.

I opened my eyes and i was lying on the bathroom floor. I vaguely remember a hard noise of my head smashed against the wooden door, but there was no pain. Could it be my imagination? Could that also be a part of my dream? My hands were shaking and my nervous system was in some kind of shock.

Standing up i unlocked the door and trembled towards my room. Nobody had noticed me crashing down. I open my door and i fall face down on the bed. I have class in 1 hour. I try to rest as my head spins like after the worst hangover. I close my eyes and the light of a thousand suns pierces my eyes. Everything around me feels crimson red and the bed is shaking like an earthquake. The aftershock is strong. But it finally stops and i feel in peace again.

I drag my heavy body down the stairs and i walk towards the bus stop. I feel drowsy and trapped within two dimensions. I make it to the university and i get something to eat. Yu keeps me some company and i enter the classroom. The seminar is complicated and so hard and i find myself frequently looking at the snow torturing the trees outside, smashing softly into the thick glass.

Class ends. I make it to the bus stop again. I have a bad feeling about this. My bus card expired. I walk for 30 minutes, harnessing all the power and strength i can muster and i walk towards the center. I get my card recharged and I am safely at home. That is the last recollection of memories i have from today, a great way to start the month and week.

Have you ever been in such a situation? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

Goodnight Sweden.

The only bright light of my day.

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