Thursday, May 1, 2014

Things to bring with you - Preparing for the move to Sweden

I am starting to believe that the man of Kro-Manion has come back to life, hits all the women in the head with a club and drags them back to his cave to hide them. Survive and reproduce bro.
Where are all the women in this town???

This sums up my latest exit in the local nightlife, where we spend more time having fun with things around us, than listening to good music or flirting. I can't wait to move to Sweden or visit Athens next week.

My last post sparked some interest, and i thought i should make a small collection of posts, detailing each topic more in-depth, such as:
  • Cost of Living
  • Clothes and what to bring
  • Finding a job
  • Weather report
So today i m going to talk about Things to bring. Around 3 months left untill my highly anticipated move and today i was looking at my closet seeing only shorts and short-sleeved shirts due to the weather here and the upcoming hot summer. I thought "Hey! I am going to die there!".

First of all i am going to get the absolutely necessary stuff first in 1-2 suitcases so they don't also overcharge me in the airport, then package and ship the rest, such as my PC or extra clothes.

Clothing. As we previously stated, it also depends on where you live in Sweden and the time of the year that you will move there. Moving in the summer and live up North? It can be hot in the summer and cold at nights, be sure to pack both sets of clothes. Moving close to Stockholm in the summer? Pack a few warm clothes as it can be cold sometimes but down north the climate is more mild. So you choose clothing depending on the time of the year, then ship the rest to you house. It is more practical and simplifies it.

Food. Not much to say here as food is mostly forbidden in airports, but if you are Greek like me and you can't live without olive oil bring some with you, it will go a long way and its 5 times more expensive in Sweden due to being imported.

Kitchenware. Bringing a couple dishes, maybe a pot and a few forks/knives/spoons is not a bad idea if you can. You will mostly buy the basic stuff from a place like IKEA but untill you settle down in the first days how are you going to eat? On the ground with your hands?

Furniture. Even if your rented house is furnished, it is never a bad idea to bring a pillow and some sheets with you to avoid unpleasant surprises. When it comes to decor, ehm maybe a small lamp or some books along the way. Ship the rest, or to outweight the cost and trouble, just raid your local IKEA store. It's cheap and will come with delivery. If your apartment is furnished, well, you can tweak it along the way.

Miscellaneous. Hmmm. Leave toys, big books, relics, tokens, your girlfriend (haha joke...) @ home. If you want them so bad you can ship them or ....Guess what!...Raid IKEA! They might as well sell new girlfriends there! Damn my humour is suffering lately.

I can't think of anything else vital right now, things such as getting a mobile phone contract will be covered in the next posts. I still haven't moved there, but i am searching every day to find useful information to integrate in my posts and help you new students, or movers to get an idea of how things work. Nothing is foolproof, but common sense prevails.

Laters! May is here!

PS. Atletico Madrid. What an amazing team you are.

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