Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The power of imagination - Shape your reality

There are 15 Laws of Success. If you omit one of them from your agenda and your personality, you remove a big proportion of your potential. Because each of these laws is made to work harmoniously with the others. One of the most fundamental of all those laws is the Law of Imagination.

What is the definition of imagination? There are many, but let's quote ol'little Albert here:

There is so much to create, discover and reshape.
"You can do it if you BELIEVE you can"

This is my new motto. Essentially, it is a workshop for us. It is our shelter, our only thing that nobody can ever take away from us, even if we are in a prison or a remote island, that we can freely use to harness old ideas, facts, tools, and make something new out of them, put them to new uses, create something magnifiscent, genious, life-changing. It is the creative power of our souls.

Why is Imagination so important? Because everything revolves around it. If you develop every one of the Laws of Success but lack the vision and imagination, you will not get far. What good is it to have leadership, initiative, self-confidence, or an aim in life if you cannot flesh it into reality?

True, not all people have the necessary imagination, a tool so powerful that we could solve many problems that form the bane of mankind. But if you harmonize your thoughts, be positive and attract with your thoughts and acts people of similar mindsets (you attract what you project), you can form a Master Mind of people that compliment each other and are more efficient and powerful than anything. Equally, if you have the leadership qualities and self-confidence and decision making but you lack the imagination, you can surround yourself or ally with someone that has that trait. Together you can conquer the world!

So, you have your Definite Chief Aim. You know exactly what you want to do and your mind starts projecting the possible paths to make it happen. But you need the self-confidence and perceverance to turn it into reality. You need to approach a problem or a goal with a bird's eye view, from the right angle and then act accordingly, with calm and composure. You need to see what most people don't and treat the obstacle like a friend that will help you grow and cultivate your mind.

A real leader, a successful man, visions that. He has already formulated a plan into his head that will deal with all potential obstacles and lead to the completion of the project. He will use his imagination to reshape the world and re-arrange those old ideas into something new but simple.

Ordinary people have done that, it's all over the history books. I can supply countless examples.

Thomas Edison wanted to bring electricity to the world in every home. He already knew how to do that by heating a wire with electricity to produce light. His first issue was that the wire was burned and became useless. So he had to find a way to produce light via a material that could withstand those massive amounts of heat. His next problem was the need to find a way to produce light and switch it on and of at his will. In simple words a way to control the heat. After tons of experiments he remembered from a study of physics that combustion cannot be done without the presence of oxygen. Therefore he surrounded the wire inside a glass globe (bulb), removed the oxygen and he made the lightning bulb.

Uncle Fester can do it, why not you?

What another man might ignore or think of it as useless or impossible, another man can see an opportunity mapped in his mind, a mental picture of what can be done with these old tools. Tools that existed from the start of time and the creation of the universe. They were not created overnight.

Co-operation between people can be a blessing, sadly they usually "lock horns" like male animals do when they fight for a female. It all ends into a bloodbath with no clear victor. People antagonize each other so much that they fail to see what they can do if they help each other, a collaboration that can blossom into something really powerful.

Impossible is nothing, open your mind and see the bigger picture, embrace your fears and welcome obstacles, they will be the ones that will help you overcome the next problem. Set up a Chief Aim, do not procrastinate, act, decide, believe in yourself. You can do it, so many people have done it and continue to do so. Do you think they are so much smarter than you are? They are not, they were creative and found an opportunity whereas you saw a pile of rubble, dust, dirt and stone.

Do that and you are on your way to greatness, one step at a time.

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