Thursday, May 29, 2014

Breaking the habit

There has been a hiatus of posts lately, mostly because i am too busy studying russian, working all day long. I am therefore too tired to type walls of text. So i am taking a short break until the weekend to clear my head and think of something worth writing.

This is a short post.

The only thing that i can think off, is that i am satistfied with how this blog is cultivating. It has finally found an identity, at least on my mind. I have 4 major topics i can tackle, to keep it fresh and interesting:

  1. All things Swedish. More to come after i finally move there!
  2. Pursuing success and attaining it. Laws of success and self-improvement.
  3. Tips for college students.
  4. My daily life, activities, film reviews etc. More on that in 2 months!
So that's it for now, take care as i enjoy my short sabbatical!

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