Thursday, May 1, 2014

Swedish weather extravaganza - Preparing for the move to Sweden

Fresh air invigorates me. I don't like cold weather much, this is a fact. I think the hot weather in Greece is the only thing that i will miss, along with my friends.

Soooo, what about the weather in Sweden? In a nutshell, it depends on where you are located. I will mostly speak about Uppsala, since it will host me for at least 2 years, but i will also give some general facts/info about the other places.

Sweden as well as Finland and Norway are located near the Arctic Circle. So "strangely" enough, the northern you live, the more extreme are the temperatures and the span of daylight/night.

You can divide Sweden in 3 basic areas weather-wise, Northeast, Northwest and Southern.

In the North there is a smaller level of humidity in the summer, while daylight lasts for an astonishing 24 hours per day. Winters can be really cold though with average temperatures below -10-15C.

What about southern/central Sweden? Living in Stockholm can be presented as that friend you have just sitting there quietly not uttering a word, being always kind and likeable, but not funny/humorous nor expressive. By that i mean that Stockholms location has a direct impact in the climate. It is built on loads of islands, while it is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. This makes it's climate mild, not super-hot, nor extremely cold during the winter. Days last for many hours during the summer and the temperatures are fairly high for a country located so north and close to the poles. It's humid, so the cold and snow can be penetrating, so pack well!

This image will give you a nice overview of what to expect.

Only 3 hour nights during summers? Wow. 

But how do Swedes dress? What should you bring to feel comfortable culture and weather wise?

During the summer you will need casual summer clothes, but the ocasional raincoat or light/medium sweaters. During the other 3 seasons you will need heavier clothing, sweaters, while an overcoat is a must. Remember, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing, or Det finns inget dåligt väder bara dåliga kläder.

Shoes? Comfortable sneakers or low-heeled shoes for women are good for cobblestone roads or visiting nature! Swedish people love fashion but they will not dress very fancy and glittery often.

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