Sunday, May 4, 2014

Smartphone time - Preparing for the move to Sweden

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So, you arrived. Maybe your house is furnished, maybe you already have internet, but you need a cellphone ti contact your friends and family. You can't always rely on Skype.

Scandinavian countries seem to have on of the best mobile networks on the planet and Sweden is no exception. Unlike Greece where you have coverage of 99.7% and you can't call anyone even on the train. Yippy yeah! They also have surprisingly good wi-fi on the trains.

First tip, go apply for your personnummer fast, filling the form. It will take you approximately 6 weeks to get it, something that limits your choices in the beginning. Credit for this info goes to my beautiful friend Andrea (and #loveshila).

You can have a normal phone contract (abonnemang) with a duration of 12-18-24 months. However Andrea told me that untill you receive your personnummer you cannot get a subscription based phone. So that limits you to the kontaktkort or simply phones that work with credit (pay as you talk). Common credit is cards that cost 100 or 200 SEK, fairly comparable to Greek prices.

Regardless of your choice you will need a service provider. I have not researched them yet about the cost but i found that some of the more common companies are Tre/ Telia/Tele2/Telenor.

You can use any old device or buy a used one, unless you are one of those geeks that fancy new tech like the newest iPhones or Samsung Galaxy, where you can feel free to break the bank to feel special.

Sooo, phone, carrier, type of connection taken care of. Wow i already feel integrated in Sweden.

Really short post but it had to be done. Take care!

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