Friday, April 18, 2014

You only love twice

He just got off the bus stop at Ag. Varvaras church in Thessaloniki. A cold shiver went down his spine. There was an old lady with skin withered and beaten by age and hardship and a boy around 10 years old, wearing a black t-shirt, yellow pants and brown shoes.

"The fashion police is deffo going to get him" he giggled inside. 

It was a shitty joke, but good enough to calm his growing nerves. Trembling with anticipation he looked around to see her. Nowhere to be found. Suddenly he thought, will i recognise her? Even though they had a video call more than once every single day for the past 2 months the anxiety crept in, forcing him unable to think clearly.

20 million Euros per year and Messi can't buy a decent costume.

He sat down on the outskirts of the church, on a brick stand waiting. A sudden gaze on the right. Walking, no gliding, could see into her soul. He was in for a hell of a ride of love, passion and pain. Looked into her eyes, she was equally anxious, looking, searching. Her hair were dark brown, moving like silk in the smooth breeze of the atmosphere.

Blue jeens, black shoes and his soon to be favorite blouse, yellow with green and a big green knot on the back. She reminded him of a butterfly, placcidly moving around, ignoring danger, flying from flower to flower.

Equally beautiful in his mind.

He hid behind another person, fat enough to need two seatbelts to manage to strap on. Watching her every move below his elbows. She grew impatient, and he was stunned to make the approach. She finally picked up her phone and called him. Funny how she was 20 feet away.

"Eee, hey!", he replies.

"Hhhey! I am waiting by the church, where are you?", she replies.

"I am at the church too, i can't see you!", he tries to deceive here to regain his composure.

They tilt their heads forward, both at the same time. Their gaze meets. An awkward moment is followed by some giggling and some laughter. She sits there waiting for him. He tries to walk as cool as he can, probably looking like an idiot, like those drunk people that pretend everything's cool and they walk in 8's.

Not like this but it was funny enough to include.

They kiss on each cheek, he can smell her hair and her perfume. She always wore Nina Richie or Escada. Immediately he starts his jokes, past experiences from last week, before he did the unthinkable and travelled 1000 km's just to meet a person he had never seen upclose, with no friends to support him for a whole week. He just crashed at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Thessaloniki and went out to find her.

More jokes, getting the banter and the rapport going. He even did his hydraulic dance for her. And he has no idea how to dance. Tension is building, but he is too scared to make a move. After all she is the first girl he ever felt so powerfully attracted to.

There is nothing like first love. You have never had any of those feelings before. Your brain and your existence thinks that nobody ever has felt this way before about anyone. It creates profound emotions in us, marked by the experiences we share with that person that manages to steal your heart for the very first time. Memories of that person will never fade through time an space. They are carved into your brain and your heart like those pictures you could take instantly with those old Polaroid cameras. They are blurry and black in the start, but once the image and the details appear, they stay there forever. At that time you are not thinking of the possibility that you may break up because first love is filled with the optimism that you will both be together for ever. That love can forge a bond stronger than the foundations of the earth, enough to last forever.

Maybe next time it will be my lucky one.

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