Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Can a smile motivate you?

Sometimes my sister calls me crazy because i talk to strangers in social gatherings or bars. I call it being social and things like the one i am going to describe next are selfproof that it is worth it.

One and a half month ago we had the carnival here in Kalamata for the second year running. It was much better organized than the first one though the weather spoiled it a bit in the end. There we were in our favorite rock bar with my amazing friend aggeliki and behind me sat a cute little girl with some books. Books in a rock bar @ 11 am baffled me so i started a conversation with her and her sister. Now we are all best pals and i just love them. So this is a pointless little post just for me to inspire and instill some love and confidence to our little girl who has her last school exams in two months time and to also show our support for her ahead of the rough times.

Here enters Vicky:

Carnival vampire atmosphere
Her sister is shy as you can see.

Everytime i see her i forget whatever i am doing and just go give her a massive hug and a big lift. I think last time i told her around 37 times in the same night that i love her. Don't let her classy looks fool you, she is going to be a kick-ass criminologist! Also for some uknown reason i feel very happy around her, must be her energy and positivity, she, her pesky sister and aggeliki give some colour in my life and that is needed in these times of severe depression.

But enough words for tonight, it was going to be a short post and a declaration of love! Everybody wish Vicky success in her exams and we hope to have her with us in Sweden one day!

Good grief!

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