Saturday, April 5, 2014

Watch out for the Rift

Before going to the movies to see the sequel of Captain America, which was a pretty good movie, but felt a bit long and tiresome with the 3d glasses on, i went to a local internet cafe in Kalamata (TheWeb Kalamatas) and i tried this:

The kid's expression gives you an idea.

The gamestation had a high-tech computer with a massive HDTV and the early version of the OCCULUS RIFT. So being tech savvy i had to try it!
It had a beta game of a Formula-1 game that was actually pretty cool, so here are my short thoughts on the machine.

  • Fantastic experience, it trully immerses you.
  • Moving your head around. Seriously, i was watching the sky and the buildings more than the circuit.
  • Gives unlimited potential.
  • Would be every mmorpg fan's dream.
  • Was not as heavy or uncomfortable as i would have imagined.
  • That version of the RIFT had low resolution (already updated to support 1080p though).
  • Seemed like low fps, but it was a beta version.
  • The hd version costs a fair amount, as would the whole gamestation.
And that concludes my thoughts on the OCCULUS RIFT. I think it's going to be a great next-gen tech and that we will see even more of those spawn within 2014-15. One more picture, and wishes of a great weekend!

 Shut up and take my money!

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