Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My harajuku moment - Acting beats wishing.

Have you had your Harajuku moment?

Today i started a poll in my facebook page to find out new topics worth researching (gah 4 months left to move to sweden). I got a few interesting ideas, including euthanasia, animal abuse, manga comics, true and fake love, even men wearing women's lingerie (wtf mageira?). Right.

Not my idea of blogging topics.
Of course not many replied, as they are more busy posting silly pictures or status's about their crusade to find true love, only to love someone else next week. Though everything connects right? Like the topic suggested by some was everpresent in the news feed.

I will cover these in a future post but i will partly fulfill a promise i gave to a wonderful young lady i met recently.

Lady Tatev on the left is not just stunning, she is also interesting, smart and warm, a quality many women lack lately. Знаешь, я часто думаю о тебе :)

Let's get down to business before i fall asleep.

I was reading a book today about self-improvement and fat loss called The 4-Hour Body. It was well written and had some interesting stuff, but one section early on caught my attention. It was called the Harajuku moment. Simply put, it is having an epiphany about something and actually Doing something to achieve it, as only wishing it or wanting it will not make it a reality. Sounds like having a DCA (definite chief aim), as i wrote in a previous article huh? The chapter follows the story of Chad Fowler, giving birth to the phrase.

I have had many of those moments, but i rarely took action to make it happen. I was not strong enough mentally or i never wanted something so much to put the effort. But when i did, i aced it. Being a perfectionist is a weird perk for me.

My defining moment though was my former girlfriend and my only true love so far. After breaking up with her after almost 5 years during my army enlistment, i went through a really dark period in my life. One day i was handling the call center in the army camp and i had some sort of vision, being half dead from only 1 hour of sleep the previous day due to training excercises. She supposedly called me and told me:
"You will be a slave to society, left unemployed in this country, be miserable and with no friends and you will never get over me".
I was slapped in the face. Not because i was afraid that would happen, but partly because it already had. Chills went up my spine, that paved the way for what followed. I said "That's enough, time for action!". I carefully constructed a plan to make my heroic escape from the abyss i was plunged into.
  1. Research and find a country that embraces young minds, respects people, builds the foundation for success.
  2. Finish the current task at hand with a presence of mind. That was the army obligation.
  3. Do any kind of work in order to support myself in that country. Work like a dog if needed.
  4. Become super social, destroy approach anxiety.
  5. Make things happen. Apply for university with a strong belief that i will get accepted.
  6. Prepare mentally and become a better person in the process. 
That was the blueprint. And i wanted it so bad that it worked. I chose Sweden, a country that covers every single of my demands and way more. I made an application and got accepted in the prestigious Uppsala University. I embraced my fear of approach and strangers and now i met my best friends through random social gatherings. I thank them for their support. Instead of plummeting to the depths of depression, i used that vision to overcome my fears, relax and finish the army. And lastly, i learned how important it is to offer selflessly volunteer work to protect animals and special needs kids. Life lesson i tell you.
You can do it too. Do not hear other people's opinions. There is no failure, just temporary defeat. Accepting that will get you far. Set up some goals this year, try to achieve them step by step. You CAN do it.
We can do it!
Lastly, by all means, never EVER hear what other people have to say about what you want to do (obviously except if it's downright stupid/dangerous etc.). Your close people should be happy that you want to make a difference for yourself and make things happen, not bash you and degrade you. If they do that, then....sorry you need better friends. Remember i have said it many times, life is not a sprint, it's a marathon!
Goodnight for now, think twice when you have your next Harajuku moment ;)

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