Sunday, April 27, 2014

Losing the path and regaining focus

This month was very important to me. The first hurdle to achieving my DCA (Definite Chief Aim) was overcome. I have been through some tough times lately, both physically and mentally, and the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that i am actually moving in Sweden in less than 4 months time. Great.

I also realized that i started this blog too early, or maybe that i gave it the wrong name, or chose the wrong subject. I always had a passion for writing but right now i simply do not have the energy to write multiple blogs while posting quality articles. I simply do not have many solid experiences of Sweden yet to write these kind of posts every day for 4 months and relying on myths or others does not reflect my idea of blogging about preparing to live there, hence i integrated some different things so far that pop into my head randomly or i just feel the need to write about (like the previous posts about my diary).

This does not mean that i will not post anything about Sweden or that i will turn this blog into an outburst of my sentiments, but i will definately talk about multiple topics.

I was watching The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug today and near the end the leader of the group had lost all focus, he was blinded by greed and revenge and he almost turned his back on his friends. 
Feeling dwarved by your problems?
It became clear to me that i was stuck in the same mindset. The boost i received from my admission was gone and i was back in my routine. So i use this post to regain focus and composure, as you should do too. I am watching this blog slowly grow and i never expected these kind of results only one month after its release. The next step would be to get my first subscriber, or my first comment on one of those posts, which would mean that someone actually cares to read what i have to say.

We should also see setbacks and minor issues as water off a duck's back, as we usually make small problems sound enormous while we are in a much better situation than most people.

  • I have a good enough job, while around 30% of Greece is unemployed.
  • I have a few good friends i care about and they care about me a lot.
  • I am learning russian right now, something that fills me with joy and pride.
  • I got accepted in a major university in Sweden to advance and kickstart my career.
  • I am independant, healthy and perfectly capable of supporting myself.
  • I am not the most stupid gorilla in the jungle.
Where is this going? Savor the small things.

People here say too often "Let's go for a coffee". They find a cozy place to sit, they open up their smartphones and one-two hours pass without them exchanging more than a few words. That is sad and reminds me on how we can just eat our food while surfing the web. We don't even taste the food, we just robotically do it. Reminds me of today's replay of "Fun with Flags", by Dr. Sheldon Cooper. 


So next time you are outside, think about the nature or the beauty that surrounds us, spend a real moment to talk to your friends and understand their problems, do not multitask while eating. Do not be a robot.

This is the next person that will add my friend Eva in Facebook.

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