Friday, June 20, 2014

A fascinating day in my life

"What will you do in Sweden man? You will miss the Greek weather and summer!"

 Next time i see my friend i am going to smack him in the face.

June, a month we are supposed to be at the beach all day in Greece.
I will miss summer in Greece. But this month is seriously irritating. You don't know what to wear and it spoils your fun. So today i got up for the last time at 7:00 am, went to my trusty craptastic 7.5 ton truck and delivered my fantastic dairy products to the world. On the way back my father had to do some upgrades so he left me at the local bus station to go home by bus. I was nimble and lightning quick to get there, get an overpriced ticket, buy some overpriced Redbull and chips and start noticing all the great things around me.

Tripoli is an industrial town with ridiculous weather for Greece's standards. It's always cold or super hot or foggy or windy or snowy. Gah. But it does have a nice landscape and some nice sights if you look closely outside the window.

So in a nutshell i was roaming the bus station with a witty, weird smile, touching and teasing everything.

Incredi-bad craftmanship but who doesn't love minions?!
Overpriced toys, hilarious chinese and spanglish descriptions and weirdly themed books about selfconfidence and infidelity. Posters from Prison Break and Lady Gaga as well as a bunch of Asians waiting for the bus.

They started sleeping after i took this shot. Why is he feeling so defensive?
After touring the entire shop 17 times i got bored so it was time to wage war on the outside area. The bus was supposed to be there @ 13:30 pm, but it finally arrived at 13:47. That would have been unacceptable in Sweden btw. So there was a little man (he was over 30..) ready to cry because he felt stressed that the bus wouldn't come or that it left. I think he has so much anxiety and stress in his life that it eats him from within like a plague. Poor guy. But the picture made me giggle a bit.

Poor guy. Stress is one of the worst deseases in the modern society.
Oh. Let's not forget the cheesy metal plates that you can put in your car to look like a proper SWAG kangouras. What's a kangouras? Hmmm. A guy thats has less hair than a woman, wears a shirt with a massive V and has his shirt collar up. Something like this:

This is the central striker of the Greek National Team...Kostas Mitroglou.
That will make you 69% more attractive. Guaranteed.
And that's how my days usually pass untill i move to Uppsala...They definately have their moments. Like when the owner of a really large camping site in Gialova tried to explain to some German tourists that the sandwich has turkey and he did not know the word so he started doing turkey sounds. It's a great camping, please do not hesitate to visit it!

If i don't drop dead untill tomorrow i will maybe do an article on the midsummer festival that starts in Sweden and is a really weird and awesome tradition.

Swede's celebrating every moment of the short Scandinavian summer.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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