Saturday, October 15, 2016

Stand against darkness

While I am still waiting for my first big break I try to keep myself occupied and upbeat. It is hard at times, especially when they try to mess with your head.

Sometimes when I look at that dreaded Facebook wall I do not know what is worse:

  • People that post everything? Do I care what food you ate today or maybe next time you should "check in" in your toilet and tell us you are taking a shit. I am talking about those that do it frequently.
  • People that take 326,8 selfies per day. Check a psychiatrist they have some very interesting research on that topic about insecurity and mental issues.
  • People that post complete and utter nonsense and sprout them out faster than a 20 mm F16 Vulcan cannon.
  • Animal abuse in every page. What did the poor animals do to you you poor excuses of human beings?
  • Trump vs Hillary. Choose which type of shit you want to shove down your throat.
  • Those that post those amazingly pseudo-philosophical quotes about life and love.
  • The posts in one of my favorite game groups: Jurassic World The game - The group. All you need is popcorn.
Now you would argue, then why the rat's ass are you in Facebook Kostas? Well it helps me quickly talk to some people I care, occasionally read something very interesting etc. You get the idea.

Especially the animal abuse triggers me. It is one of the reasons I fled from Greece. It shows no sign of slowing down.

I almost forgot why I am writing this article. Hold on a second...Oh yea! We are back on track. As an environmental scientist and a human being (though I identify secretly as a raccoon) it is my duty to protect the environment, create sustainable solutions, protect animals and people and why not, to try and bring peace through research and suggestions in contested territories.

So since yesterday I will be working with the contested areas of Ukraine, namely Donbas and Donetsk to try and identify environmental issues in those war-torn conflicted territories that has caused myriad of social, economic and environmental damages over the last 2 years.

Do you think you can help me with that? Send me a message, post a link with a nice article showcasing issues or research and let's try to make a difference for once. Let's stand against darkness.

What else is on my mind? I don't know...What I will do with my first salary is often on my mind. I am going to treat myself to a nice dinner alone and enjoy every second of it. What my friends are doing in Greece and how is that pesky little muffin in Bangladesh. How I can learn Swedish faster because SFI is terribly slow. Why people in Sweden do not answer phonecalls and nobody replies to emails. How will I make better networking.

Ah well. Thank god it's Saturday. I will see you all in Hornstull. Vi ses!

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