Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I am a raccoon and I have rights

Some things are going great, some things are going bad and some things are average. Some more than others. Just your classic circle of life.

I am having my first super important interview next week and I am so pumped up about it which is interesting as in my situation you would expect me to be nervous. But I am not at all.

My facebook page keeps bombarding me with memories from my first year in Finland. I cherish every single one of those memories and it feels me with nostalgia, smiles and a lot of melancholy since something happened very recently. In the end I am probably a masochist begging for pain and emotional warfare. I wish you still talked to me. You just disappeared from my view. Just like my song. I miss you.

My swedish is going pretty great. I feel progress every single day. I study hard whenever I can and it shows. I haven't met any new people so I am still alone against the world but it is alright. Most of my problems will go away if I land this job. And when I set my mind to something, I get it.

This blog has went from renaming to opening and closing, to gaming, movie reviews, satire, serious posts, melancholy and pieces of my life, inspiration and just random blabbering. I have received no support from anyone, but somehow we have managed to almost be at 40000 viewers, which is astonishing for me. So many random people have found themselves here reading what turned out to be just my diary, just a place where you can learn more about a random guy in Sweden called Kostas who misses Finland and a dog a lot.

Thank you for that. Thank you for the overwhelming support in the Death's Bite series too. Lately I have been dreaming of a white tiger. Let's see what life brings next week. And yes, the title makes no sense.

Goodnight Sweden.

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