Monday, June 27, 2016

The Water Diaries || Part 1

Today the sweetest woman i have ever met told me that my soul is beautiful and pure. She also told me that love is always in the corner and it takes two people to make it. Those were the last words before i went into my daily short water slumber.

Once more, for 10 minutes i became shapeless and i started flowing around in space and time, built by my imagination. This was a different dream than yesterday's dream though. This time i was looking at myself mostly through third person when i shapeshifted to my human form. Because i may be formless and shapeless, but when i want i can turn into anything.

This time i pictured a beach. The sea was silky smooth and crystal clear. It had no waves. The beach was sandy, with tiny little golden particles of sand covering the entire surface and from time to time a beautiful seashell showing its tiny little head.

At the end of the beach there were rocks and cliffs. Rather steep ones that would make for a nasty fall. A blurry figure was on the top and could barely be seen in the horizon blue. The waves were crashing down the rocks, eating them slowly like rust eats metal. It was a stark contrast compared to the silky quiet sea of serendipity. The figure looked beaten by weather, tired.

The sun was slowly setting and was being eaten by the sea in the horizon. It was slowly turning into this beautiful crimson red color, almost turning into gashing red, like blood freshly exiting a wound. It looked painful but beautiful in the same time. This kind of pain that you can only appreciate.

But were was i until that point? It was not obvious but then i understood. I was everything. I was the sea, i was the water and then slowly, particle by particle i formed my body and soul, just gliding and hovering on the calm, majestic waters. I was looking at me from a panoramic view. Almost like looking into a crystal bowl and my own self was waving at me with a beaming smile. Waving for me to go there. I was peace itself.

As my hand reached to the scene, the water turned into a giant whirlpool. Α Charibdys. I was spinning and spinning in this watery tornado getting sucked into the deep blue sea. A picture of the girl with the flowerband and the yellow dress appeared close and i was in first person, trying desperately to reach it. In the end i accepted my fate and let go, slowly drowning.

As soon i accepted what looked like my premature end, i was in the shower. The water was cold at first, like the deep blue sea, but then changed into a warming gentle breeze. That kind of breeze that falls onto your shoulders and washes away all your problems from top to bottom. And then the water stopped. And i heard myself telling me "It is time to wake up Kostas". And i woke up.

I was peace. I was tranquility. I was serenity.

Do you have any water dreams? Do you ever wonder what they mean? Join me in the next part to find out soon. You can send your comments here or your stories in

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