Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Water Diaries || Part 2 - Oceanborn

I speak a lot about water in this recent resurrection of this blog. But why?

Water is the foundation of life. The entire planet is covered in water, water flows under the surface, hidden from plain eyes. Our bodies are made of around 70% water. It is essential to our well-being and sustenance, but lately all we do is diminish our fresh water resources and mismanage it. Some say a World War III will happen for water and in the current state of things it does not look highly unlikely.

Therefore, drinking water is beneficial. It regulates our body temperature, keeps us hydrated, removes toxicity and wastes from our bodies. We shower to keep clean, we swim to relieve stress, enjoy the aesthetic pleasures of life and nobody can deny the wonderful feeling of drinking cold water after a hot, thirsty day.

Water also has a darker, mysterious, unknown side. Too much water can be fatal due to over-hydration. A moment of negligence and you can drown in the sea, or even in the comfort of your own shower. Dangerous predators roam the waters and many people are afraid to swim in the night. Tsunamis, flash floods, hail, can cause extreme amounts of pain, damage, death and destruction.

These qualities and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sides of water have led me to specialize in hydrology, being fascinated by the possibilities, simulating events that happened aeons, thousands of years ago, predicting the future, making the world better, reducing hazards and regulating flows.

This importance of water extends to our dream world. This fascinating, never ending, beautiful and mysterious realm that most of us enter during our sleep. If you are lucky like me, you have re-occurring dreams, lucid, real dreams where you enter a new world, you know that you are dreaming and can wake up on command. So many times i have found myself remembering in a tight situation saying "I know this is a dream. I will wake up".

Water can be related to many things. Many things that usually occupy our subconscious. It can be a religious or spiritual feeling, it can be a cathartic experience, it can be a question of values or overcoming an obstacle, it can be the different influences in your life, it can be love, hate, passion, peace or the weight of the world. You could sum up by saying that water represents your emotional state. Today i will write about one setting, one location and continue in another article.

The meaning of water can vary. It depends on many things, like form or location. Different people experience it differently. But there are a few distinctive features that impact our attempt at explaining these water dreams:

  • Motion: Fast, slow flow? Still waters? Spinning whirlpools? Everything has a different meaning.
  • Clarity and cleanliness: Water can be muddy, crystal clear, deep blue, gashing red or even polluted.
  • Location: Are you swimming in a pool? A sea? Are you alone? What is the setting?
  • Setting: Is it raining? Maybe there is a storm above you. Maybe the storm is coming. Maybe it is the most peaceful place you have ever been.
Dreaming oceans: Delve into the unknown

Oceans are mysterious, interesting places. It is known that if you are left stranded in the ocean your survival chances are really slim. It can be a vast, terrifying experience. The thing about oceans is that they are so big, so limitless, you cannot see the end of them. Therefore, an ocean can feel overwhelming, a sea of emotions or a passage through unknown parts of life. It could be a recent experience that has left you there and  you need to find your way out. Not by fighting, because it will consume your strength faster, but calmly, accepting, analyzing.

The relationship with oceans does not have to be a negative one. When you think of an ocean your mind immediately can go to tranquility, peace, the passion of the waves and tropical islands. If you are traversing through the ocean in peace, there are no waves and storms, maybe you are just flowing through life accepting it, appreciating things, going with the flow. It might be that you are seeking solitude and the only thing you want is the crisp waters that surround you with nothing else in sight. It might be a time for peace or a bit of personal space.

The ocean is a deep place and you might be digging deep into your own unconscious emotions or areas you had no idea existed in your personality. You need an open heart and courage.

Do not fear the ocean, but be weary of it. For i am also, oceanborn.

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