Friday, July 3, 2015

A new adventure begins - a new country collapses

Where does someone begin if he has too much to say? I guess you just go with the flow and hope the end product does not look like diarrhea, fyi messy. Yes if you wondered i watch a lot of Angry Video Game Nerd lately and diarrhea is his most frequent word along with fuck, anus and anything brown that smells bad. Wow, now that's what i call an intro.

This has been another hectic month. June is already over and July is upon us. What have i been up to? Well a lot of things. Interesting, boring, you name it. This is probably going to be a long post as it is almost a months recollections and written in small segments due to my workload.

Goodbye Uppsala
It all started around the 6th of June. I was flying that morning to go to Finland and meet my fox. I would stay there until the 18th of June and then we would fly together to have some quality time back home before i got sucked into my daily routine of heat, sweat and frustration for the next two months. What is even more interesting is that i packed my massive boulder the previous night as opposed to a few hours before flying. Yay, bonus points for me.

The previous day i went for a last burget marathon at Jaime's where his dad made more fun of our greek economy, his sister made me a horse again and pretended she doesn't know english and i made fun of Jaime's swedish and pc gaming skills. I think we also watching a lot of videos with Jeff the diseased lung which is a very interesting HBO documentary about the tobacco industry and their raging war against countries that oppose them. Let me get this straight: a company suing a country the size of Australia and if that was not enough they also attacked Togo and other African countries. Speaking of African countries Greece has become the only African country in Europe if you know what i mean, but i will get back to that later. Here is the segment of that show i told you about. It is worth watching!

Meet Jeff the diseased lung. Yuk.
Talking about smoking and the ridiculous decisions behind it he also brings the topic of the Marlboro Man and the so called "Marlboro values" that come with it.

"Live the Marlboro values" they said. Well fuck me, 4 of those Marlboro men have died by smoking related diseases so far. I will pass.

Not only that but that latest campaign is called "Don't be a maybe, be a Marlboro" and sports a guy smoking with the beard that big that probably has a little chinchila underneath it. I am overextending of course but that commercial and that logo confounds me. And what the hell does that slogan even mean in the first place?

Stop being fools....whatever that means.
Of course in Sweden the sun sets at 00:30 now and comes back up at 02:00 so technically we have light all day. So when i started my long journey home with that massive boulder of a luggage i had i was eager to leave and make it to the airport. How wrong i was.

On my way there in the trusty number 7 bus i started receiving text messages. In the beginning i didn't pay any attention i thought it was probably some advertising or that my internet mb were running low. On the third ring though i looked it up and i saw that my flight was cancelled due to "technical issues". I was actually quite calm, it is probably a sign that i am aging. So i got to the train station and picked up the 801 bus to the airport to go check things out as i was determined to fix things. I also heard a black girl outside shouting that her flight was cancelled so i talked to her and i found out she had the same issue with the same flight. We got to the airport and we decided to stick together and go to the information desk.

The options were simple:
A) Go back to my place and leave with the next flight tomorrow.
B) Book another flight in the same day with another company
C) Make them pay for food, food and more food, a hotel to stay around there and more food.

Option A was ruled out immediately. I was going nowhere with that boulder of a bag. Option B was out of the question as i was not going to spend 100 more euros for another flight. So i made them give me option C. I got a one night stay at a nice hotel 5 minutes from the airport with lunch and dinner and breakfast and a 15 euro coupon for food in the airport. Amazing stuff.

In the end i spent my whole day in the hotel room in that super comfy bed eating candies and bread and cheese and watching the champions league final :D Not too shabby! So there i was eating candies waiting for the day to pass and watching my favorite football team dismantle the opposition with ease. Yay!

The next day i went to the airport, ate a champion's breakfast and hopped on the flight to Helsinki. Another adventure was about to unravel that involved exotic animals, domesticated animals, a lot of food and dinosaurs. But more on that on the next post. I actually have so much to write but there is not enough time or energy, especially with the bankruptcy of the greek economy and the total collapse we are witnessing these days.

Until next time, goodnight Sweden, goodnight world. Send me your love and pray for Greece and its stupid government.

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