Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I am lightning, the rain transformed

I am lightning, the rain transformed. After shortcomings, depression, language barriers and issues everywhere i find myself ending this year on a high. Changed, confident. 

 Also i am addicted. I am addicted to the internet. We had a 6 day blackout at home the past week and it was terrible. I felt i had absolutely nothing to do. From studying to playing, to watching a video or simply surfing. I was nervous, annoyed and extremely sensitive and aggressive sometimes. I had to work in the university department for 3 days straight for over 8 hours to finish some 40 page papers.

Claire's latest post generated some funny responses and the mandatory hate mail, though everyone seemed to agree on the food part. Also i learned from an American girl that plants in Israel smell strange. I am as surprised and baffled as you are don't worry. Do you want to be like Claire? Send me a message and we can talk about more guest posts. My vision is to change this from the voice of Uppsala to the voice of students all around the world. Who knows...maybe one day.

Not much has happened since then. I am just preparing for my short trip in Finland and my unexciting return to Greece for the summer. I cooked a lot. I watched a 100 hour Metal Gear marathon in OHN (ohnBoss brothers!). Which is the only worthy channel for me in Twitch right now. I had great conversations with the guys there. And what surprised me the most is that when i said i cannot donate to support the channel, a complete stranger donated 2.5$ in my name. I have no words for that. Thank you kind sir.

Then its my dreams again. What on earth is going on there. Abductions, swingers, your girlfriend in black cape cult, you wearing the same cape in a different cult, a blue Mazda mx-5 that you could screw and unscrew like a Lego. Walking in a town straight from Grand Theft Auto or even Sim City and the guy next you suggesting you should build the church of Satan, a glowing building the size of a skyscraper with flames for doors and happy char-coaled bloodthirsty satanists.

"It will give you good discounts" the guy said. I guess he knew something.

And lets not forget the cult your girl came out from. A huge door with a flower and an arc above it. It had the writing "Marplethorpe" on it. To my horror and surprise i found out that Robert Marplethorpe was a controversial photographer and there was an actual collection called "the flowers of Robert Marplethorpe". Dafuq?

Some spooky shit going on here...
I have no idea what is going on. I am gonna go back to Twitch and my bread and cheese. Remember, it is your chance to join this small community of writers, leave a comment, share your experience with the world!

Bye Sweden for the last time this summer!

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