Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's Groundhog Day - Updated

Ever felt you are trapped in the same day? With the same habits, doing the same stuff over and over again, meeting (or not) the same people all day long?

Well i got a message for you.

"It's Groundhog Day".

Day after day the same things are being repeated here. It's not the pursuit for happiness anymore, it's more like the escape from depression. I don't have the motivation to write anymore a lot.

I just came back from a presentation i did regarding nuclear power. It went pretty awesome. Some others talked about how movies can be actually based on facts such as snow melting and during the questions i remember asking:

"We live in an era where Michael Bay is allowed to direct and people want to see big blockbusters, explosions and shirtless vampires. Do you really think they will pay attention to such an important meaning in the movie?".

I don't even remember the answer.
"End of transmission"

I have not had the time to write, nor the motivation. Oh my laptop's screen was shattered and now i am enjoying the sun in Greece before i die in -35 with my lovely girl in Finland next week. So as you can see we have hit rock bottom here. We have managed to battle depression daily, be as judgemental, sarcastic and subtle as a bull in a glass shop can be and we have also run out of interesting topics.

I deleted the rest of this foul post. After reading through you comments i realized some things.

A) i suck
B) i have completely lost my target and my path
C) i am so depressed and i need help

I used to write interesting things, have fun, be outside and show countless photos with friends. Thing is, they were never friends, not of the deep bond kind of friends. We were just people hanging out together and i was just tagging along. There are other things that made me like this. My inability to progress through my courses, all the studying and most of all, the economic situation that forced me to cut back on my expenses and stay at home for countless hours.

And since i don't go out often i don't have interesting things to show. I though of using my situation to my advantage and write about depression and my battle to get over it and defeat it, to maybe help others as well, to try new things.

I don't know if i can manage to do it but i will try at least starting from my next post before i go to Finland. To clear things up though, i really like Sweden and there is no remorse or ill feelings or regrets. On the other hand i am so astounded by the way people behave and how civil they are that i recommend it to everyone. You should experience Sweden at least once in your life.

My issue lies within me. I need something to ignite my light again, something good to happen so i can see things in brighter fashion.
Until then, see you everyone! 


  1. disappointed readerDecember 12, 2014 at 1:17 PM

    Probably the worst post in the whole blog. You were quite interesting to follow, but lately it seems you've lost a bit of track. I hope you can bring it again to the way it was at the begining! :)

    1. You are probably right. I feel depressed and unmotivated and I have lost my path. I hope my upcoming trip in finland helps me ignite again. Thanks for your honesty

  2. So, that's it for you? Not liking Sweden anymore? :/ Sad to hear that.

    1. Sweden is great. It's issues within me that I need to resolve :(

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