Wednesday, December 17, 2014

From dusk till dawn

Why always me? This is a thought that accompanies me whenever i travel. I always find myself into sticky situations i loath and try to avoid.

When i have a big trip i just want to relax, since i can rarely sleep in a moving vehicle or aircraft. Every time there is a person sitting next to me or in close proximity that i end up wanting to choke with my bare hands.

My usual co-passengers are:

A) Smelly
B) Loud and cracking worse jokes even than me
C) Couching like they are dying in a corner with tuberculosis
D) Poor young children that unavoidably cry so much i want to shoot myself in the foot.
E) All the above

Today i had a mixture of b) with a lot of d). It's ok i will survive. I always do.

The trip to Athens though was good. I had my own seat in the bus. I spent most of those 3 long hours listening to music. Thoughts spun like a whirl inside my head, the lyrics of each song reminding me something from my life, some of them looking like they were tailor made for me. I caught myself staring at the dark abyss outside the window with a blank stare while i was thinking, trying to relive those situations. I wrote everything in paper on my notepad so i did not forget a thing.

I made it to Athens and took a cab. More than 20 years i take taxis but it was the first time ever i woman was driving it. We had a chat until i made it home which was nice because she was super friendly and discussed her story with me. She has a 30 year old son and a 28 year old daughter. I wish them well. She was amazed by my story and kept asking me questions about Sweden and life here. As a good ambassador i told her the best things.

I greeted my sister and we watched some really terrible greek shows that remind me why i don't watch greek television. I remember loads of tits, porn filming by amateurs and an erotic festival that is there to promote dildos of any kind. This is entertainment at its finest.

I upgraded my Dark Energy Drill to level 2 and i slept on the couch. I had to wake up at 5am and get the bus, change two metro lanes and finally wait 1.5 hour in the airport.

As you have probably noticed i have a lot of strange dreams lately. But last night's was even more bizarre than usual. I don't remember the purpose or every little detail but some things were pretty interesting. Apparently i was black and my name was "Devon Alexander". I was sleeping with a half naked Charlize Theron which is peculiar because i don't really like her and i was attending a weird espionage like event/school were i used a hydrogen fueled jet-exosuit. No i don't play CoD: Advanced Warfare.

Next morning i actually googled Devon Alexander. Guess what. He is a black professional boxer. A pretty good one i might add as well. I also played boxing myself. What a strange coincidence i have never heard of that guy before. How dreams work i am so amazed.

I will sleep a bit and continue later because there are more airport stories and i really need the energy for my trip to Finland tomorrow.

--------Short Break---------

Back in action. Why do we always have to overthink? Wouldn't all of our lives be much simpler? Everything has been said and done, let it go. Always looking for answers, if only one. An endless loop every day torturing our minds, from dusk till dawn.

That was what i was thinking during my stay in Athens International Airport. A guy with turquoise pants and glasses approached me during my entrance there and asked me where should he go. I pointed him to the right direction and i printed my boarding pass. Luckily my luggage was not overweight by half a kilo so i proceeded to a cafeteria to drink some overpriced energy drink so i don't fall asleep.

Then i went to exit B26 through the body check and x-rays. Apparently you can't transfer olives because they have liquid. I was pretty sad since we wrapped it up in a great little package for Carita and her family.

I sat in the lobby at my exit gate waiting patiently since i still had 1 hour till boarding. There was a young couple next to me with a cute little baby. The man turns to me and asks me in english if i know where people smoke.

He sounded russian so i told him in his language i don't know and that he has a very pretty little daughter. I wanted to talk more to practice my russian but he did not seem interested. Oh well, it's not like my social skills are fantastic lately.

A middle aged couple and their daughters sat down next to me. I overheard them visiting their niece in Stockholm as she was getting her PhD in Biology. Congratulations! We had a friendly chat as the boarding was delayed a little.

Then i watched half the avengers movie trying not to kill myself from the 5 babies crying everywhere. I was really tired and the poor things were stressed by all the flying, noise and bumping. My luggage took forever to arrive and i saw snow outside waiting for the bus to Uppsala. I felt so drained and incredibly hungry but i managed to hold on until the arrival at the train station. I raced towards the closest Pressbyran to buy some cinnamon buns and i almost ski'd there due to the slippery ice.

Then the man at the cashier took 5 tries to understand that i want a "kanelbulle". Deal with it. I devoured it on the way and crawled to bus number 7 with my oversized bags. And now i am at home. Preparing for my next trip. And the next after it. 14 hours in the car oh the horror! But it's with the greatest company ever so i am also very excited!

Why do people hurt each other? Why does almost every love story end up in ruins? Or even worse. Why can't we all put down our weapons so the other guy inside us doesn't make a mess? We already have a life that is so demanding. Anger will lead to stress and that will lead to pain and loss of health and neurological and mental conditions. We will make it don't worry. Stay happy and keep it real. We will get to that in a future post.

Until then i will leave you with a picture from outside my house. Welcome in Sweden.

Winter is upon us.

Goodnight my friends!

PS. If anyone noticed i incorporated some ads on my blog. They give me revenue simply when you enter my blogpage. YOU DON'T HAVE TO CLICK ON THEM. Thank you!

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