Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mythbusting and Swedish reflections

Walking alone from Gamla Uppsala to the city centre with my trusty iPad mini and one broken headset listening to the same kind of music i have immersed my self into, i reflected upon what i did and see in my first day in Uppsala.

I was staggered by the sheer beauty of the city. Me and my friend Vasilis had a long walk as i accompanied him home at Gamla Uppsala next to a football field. He stayed in a corridor room. Everyone was swedish. Oh there was another Greek too that felt relieved that heard us. He is in the biomedicine school me thinks.

The day started casually, i felt integrated with the society here like i spent my entire life. I woke up at around 11am, cleaned up, took my pills, brushed my teeth and went outside for my walk to the supermarket. I saw an ICA sign on the left so i kept going until i got to the Gottsund mall, with no ICA sign, partly because i am blind and partly because it was hidden behind another building. So i went to Lidl accross the street.

"Everything is so expensive how will you survive there?", said one ignorant baboon before i arrived here.

I was amazed by how cheep things were. I sell the best yogurt in Greece and it costs 4.11 euros per kg. Here i bough greek yogurt (good quality it turned out) for 2. So i spent 197 SKE and filled up my fridge. My worst buy was mineral water. It sucked, it was fizzy and the tap water here is amazing.

I came home and as a good old fashioned greek peasant i ate a whole chiapata bread with gouda cheese. Pounding them fats.

I spoke with relatives on skype, because my mom is a badass surfer, with friends, i found an apartment for a Ilektra and organized a beer meeting with Vasilis. It was Sunday and i forgot buses have longer intervals between them so i was late for 15 minutes. Good first impression Kostas. Very swedish of you. Keeping the greek flag high.

Vasilis is greek too so he didn't care, he was zombiefied by the mysterious flesh-eating creature known as facebook. On the bus stop i was laughing like a maniac for no apparent reason, i listened to some music and waiting in the line like a good Swede. Oh and another mythbust. An old lady came and started looking in the trash can, and found 2 cooking books! She left very happy.

So i meet Vasilis and go in O'Connor's, a very nice place to drink different kinds of beer or eat. I went for a Czech one and he got a classic Guiness. We paid 69 and 67 kronor respectively. Not bad since he didn't have a temporary id card to go to Norrlands (20-30 kronor per beer).

We chatted, saw some more blonde people walking by and went out for a walk in town and to get Vasilis back home. Oh did you know they actually still have Who wants to become a millionaire playing???

Beautiful Uppsala.
We walked towards home in roads unknown, we saw the amazing catholic church, we were confounded and surprised positively that every car stopped for us to cross the road. They also have buttons to turn the lights green for us and make a beeping noise showing the time you have to cross. Light years away.

I returned home in my trusty nr. 7 bus, walked into the forests before mordor with no lights and got home. I ate half a kg of yogurt with honey, washed the dishes, washed my self, wrote this entry and i will hit the sack like there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is fika at the nations day. Yay. More cholesterol parties!

So majestic, like it was built today.

So keep the energy and a beaming smile, because i am coming with more irony and stories!

Take care!

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