Sunday, August 17, 2014

6 days, Interviews, new friends and ungrateful people

Welcome to Greece.

Where corruption and ungrateful people prosper and grow like weed in your garden.

I have been relatively busy in the past few weeks because of my work. That's 4 am - 20:00 pm. 5-6 days a week. Enjoying summer like a boss. It's been a whirlwind too. Where to start from? From my boss/co-owner? From the miserable heat that plagues this country? The humidity or the never ending coughing from going in and out of fridges?

I hate trucks. I really do. You know, those pesky 7.5t ones that drive like an old Zastava Yugo Gt? Oh and the horn. I'd rather gouge my own eyes with a fork than to hear it again. But with 6 days left until my dream move to Sweden, i can handle everything.

You know what's the difference between a Yugo and a Yugo Gt?


The lighter works in the Gt version.

A typical day with the driver.

"Look at that crazy stupid mal@ka trying to drive". while he overtakes 2 vehicles smashes the side mirror on an olive tree.

"This woman is crazy, most likely pchyzophrenic". Fast forward 2 minutes.
"You ignorant baboon get off the road, no wash the dishes without noise. If you want to hear music loudly go to the mountain. You are a f@$k a mal$#a and my f#$@g mother that was being f@$ed, and the f#$@#g universities and the professors they can all s@#k my d#$k.

My usual response is always being calm throwing the occasional irritating phrase, such as the war is over, we won, you can come home, or who put you up? Gorbachev?

Welcome to hot Greece.
The heat. The humidity. We had like 42 Celcius for the past week. I have a low tolerance for heat. Thank you Sweden. Please have my babies and i will change my surname to Svensson.

Oh i did swim a few times at the beach. I overtook many vehicles and drove like a Greek asshole. Thank you Sweden for not letting me have a car. Instead i can be careful with my bike. No that was not irony.

I went to Foinikounda to see a friend and swim for 7 hours doing nothing at the beach. I look like a roasted chicken now. Oh one of his friends was an asshole. I told her that. If you find yourself in Greece or the Peloponnese check that place out, or Voidokoilia. You will remember it for a lifetime.

But it's not all bad. It's been fun and games. I actually thrive in these situations because they help me overcome my obstacles. I have been making a few friends lately. They live far away in space and time, but i will meet them.

One lives in Stockholm. Let's just call her Kelly for now. She is pretty emotional and can laugh for one second then cry in the next. Exactly like my grandma. I like her. She likes me too. I make her laugh and tell her sexual jokes about a goat named Stella. She's been through a lot like me, and i just want to take her under my wing and give her care and proderm.

No more tears.
She is probably going to be my first and best friend when i move here and i will care for her like she's my bloodline. But enough showering with compliments because she will call me a player "rollseyes". I am glad i met you.

I also met a finnish girl. We'll call her Jasmine. No she is not a pornstar. She has the softest blonde hair i have seen, sparkling blue eyes and cheekbones to die for. I promised her i will kidnap her for at least a week in Uppsala. She excites me.

I also have 2 more informational interviews in the works. One with a very warm woman i stumbled upon in EngineerGirl. She is a nuclear engineer. The other one is also in the water business. It will be fantastic and a great experience for anyone that reads it. Visit the website, it's fantastic and a great proof that women can be strong, intellectual and independent.

I also tried to interview a Norwegian man and he told me "I am interested, what's in for me?".

Suck cock.

I am packing my last stuff into two huge bags and buying anything useful. Like socks. Underwear. Umbrellas. A lamp. Thanks mom...

I also saw my house in google street view. It's nice. Classic little swedish house. With a nice garden and all. Thank you Francesca. I will buy you some pastelia when i get there.

That's it for now. I am going to make some pasta with 4 kinds of cheese and loads of creme du lait and just purr like a kitten on my bed watching some worthless greek television.

I will write a lote more frequently from next Saturday. And probably expect more pictures. A lot of them.

So Welcome in Greece. And welcome in Sweden too soon.

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