Friday, March 28, 2014

Required paperwork, useful sites and basic deadlines for master studies in Sweden

It was a total chaos to be honest when i started looking for info, but i guess that happens when you delve into unknown territory for the first time in anything. So lets start with the basics.

First of all the future applicant should make an account in That is the central site that handles the applications for all the universities in Sweden. They receive the paperwork and after you have clearance that you meet the requirements, they send them to the universities that you have chosen in order for them to make the selection. Then depending if you qualify or not, your status in the site changes and you await the official release of merit ratings and admissions.

Generally the site is very helpfull and provides good information about what you need to send, and how to send it. The papers needed have to be sent to university admissions and NOT the university that interests you. So lets get everything on a quick list:

  1. Bachelor's Degree on the same or relevant field with the program you are interested in. Most have also required credits in some area, such as Maths or Law or Physics.
  2. Proof of Proficiency in English (Advanced degree+, or a particular score in IELTS/TOEFL).
  3. Official Transcript of records from your previous studies.
  4. Cover Letter, also know as letter of intent or motivations.
  5. Proof of European Union citizenship/EEA
The 3 first are mantandory, while the Cover Letter is needed only if stated on the program you are interested. Some additional information from Miss Information here:

 Villain or Ally?
  1.  Your diplomas/degrees/transcripts need to be officially translated in english and certified by ie. a lawyer.
  2. Proof of EU/EEA is needed in order not to pay the tuition fee/application fee. International students can apply for scholarships from the Swedish institute.
In a nutshell: Register on -> Find interesting master programme -> Gather and send all papers to -> Wait for eligibility status -> wait for merit ratings IF eligible -> Admission.

There is actually so many things to cover and miss information is a bit tired from working overtime today so enough with the application process, so the last tip of the day is that you can choose up to 4 programmes on your application, which you can prioritize however you want and change them as many times as you wish untill the application deadline (February 3).

I might be back with some random rambling later on with whatever comes to my mind.

PS. Venia you are a greek peasant and when you swear you are like a komodo dragon's breath ( love you! <3)

Always dripping love and proderm

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