Friday, March 28, 2014

Past recent memories

Tired from typing and work, but with such a good mood from yesterday's admission news that i just can't stop. I will make a short post regarding my current best friends, sadly scattered around Greece.

Pointy ears in the middle

The middle one is Sakis from Thessaloniki, a town that i have massive affection for. We met in a concert appreciating mutually a woman's bottom. He is a great guy and a reliable person. Great times. Guy on the left is a random Cypriot dude.

And lets go to my harem.

Feeling special

From left to right: 
  • My beloved Mary and her sister Viktoria, photo taken on our trip to Rhodes island this August, i love them.
  • The exotic Sandy whom i mistook for a Russian girl and tried to hit on her. She is so sweet she has a great store with cosmetics in Thessaloniki
  • Her friend Alexia who i also met there in the airport and we bonded so much. She lives in Cyprus and i miss her so much.
 And my saviour of New Year's Eve when i would have probably slept on the street Xaris XXXlovesACMILANxxX (Also the only person i keep contact from the army camp, which says a lot about his quality):

Hint. Not the weird guy that is smoking.
This concludes one more fantastic article because i am tired and i need sleep to get through the upcoming night. Peace brodahs

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