Thursday, March 27, 2014

Master Programme in Earth Science Hydrology/Hydrogeology, Uppsala University: ADMITTED You have replied: YES

How does someone start typing random thoughts to form a blog, a text, a book or an essay always confounded and astonished me at the same time. And as a person that speaks his mind regardless of how relevant, stupid or amazing his thoughts are, I am going to follow this rule to the end.
This is pretty much a blog that will cover my life as a graduate student in Uppsala, Sweden, along with the road and hiccups i encounter/ed on my way there.

Credit to the name and the inspiration behind this blog if anyone bothers to read it or find it helpfull should go to Uppsala Universitet for providing me with the opportunity to delve into the fantastic world of hydrogeology and most importantly Cassie Richardson and her fantastic blog Thank you Cassie.

So let me tell you some basic stuff about myself first, to get things rolling. My name is Kostas and i am from Southern Greece, in a town called Kalamata. I am 26 years old, with a Bsc. in Environmental Sciences and i work as an official reseller for FAGE Dairy Products. I speak English, French, Russian and i am about to start learning Swedish and after that probably Spanish so i can safely make the dream destination, California. Brilliant stuff. I actually convinced some girls once that i am a ninja and i hunt bears. So i guess i can pass around as anything. Great stuff.

My life on a nutshell? I finished school, went to university, got into a 5 year relationship, bought a Cocker Spaniel, gifted it to my girlfriend, joined the Hellenic Helicopter Division in the army to complete my military obligations, my girlfriend found a boyfriend through our dog, i lost my dog, my girlfriend, my sanity and bla bla bla. I regained my composure, propelled into PuA stardom (maybe some other time i will explain what that means), finished the army, applied for master's programmes in Sweden and here i am, having received the official confirmation of admission today! Oh and that's when i became a ninja.

I remember sucking every bit of info out of Cassie's intro posts and i remember how about people asked her if she was nervous. Well calmness is my trait, as well as a tiny bit of arrogance and huge amount of confidence, which explains why i was playing football manager waiting casually for the results to surface, while Eua (a friend) was ready to jump out of the balcony if she was not admitted.

I am not sure how often i will write for now but i guess it will vary a lot depending on my obligations and work. The only certain thing is that this journey has just begun and we will discuss my aspirations sometime later. Next post i am going to try and explain the admission process and my own experience, the do's and don't's and try to provide some helpful information about future applicants who consider Sweden as their next destination.

Good night with a picture of the dog that started it all!

Say hi to Flicka!

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