Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Something's brewing in Solna

Handsome, smart, philanthropist, animal lover, 2 university degrees, 6 languages and a whole lot of modesty (or maybe lack of) and here I am living the dream. Professional dog walker. You can call me dagmatte, or hundvakt. Could be worse. I could be a kattvakt and watch over cats so they don't claw grandma's painting or scratch her favorite wooden chair. But it is what we have right now and that is better than nothing. Because 0+0 = 0 and 1+0 = 1.

Now that I got this out of my system, there are some changes around here. First of all the name of all this. Who was I kidding? The voice of Uppsala? I ended up more at home or in the university rather than outside. That was mostly because of economic constraints and because of my crescendo with the girl in the yellow dress.

Then again, pursuit of happiness was an equally awkward choice. While everything started well I ended up battling demons left and right, having cliffs behind me and steel trap doors in the front. Add to that burdened by choices i made (or i did not make) and next thing I know I was rambling about sadness, sorrow and depression. Boo-hoo cry me a river Kostas.

So sticking with the basics. Almost Swedish. Because for the love of baby Jesus I will never be 100% Swedish. Let's do a quick countdown:
  1. I talk too much
  2. I talk too loud
  3. I talk to strangers
  4. I laugh with things that I shouldn't
  5. I don't like Salmiaki or licorice (a touch of Finland anyone?)
  6. I don't like meatballs
You get the idea. Then again, there are a few things that I love here. Well, more than a few:
  1. I don't mind the cold
  2. I don't mind the darkness
  3. Lovely, helpful, reserved people everywhere
  4. Nature everywhere
  5. Dogs, cats, horses in the city
  6. Nightlife
  7. Day-life
  8. Incredible sceneries and sightseeings 
I also moved from Uppsala to Stockholm. I had enough of that city. But I am not running away. Because no matter how fast you can run, there are a few things you cannot outrun. More specifically i moved in Solna. The most beautiful place in Stockholm city. A place that blends the city with the forest and the sea. A magical area with grass everywhere, dog parks, infrastructure, horse stables and the most incredible sights along the river.

This is not a comeback. I never left. But it is not also a promise for more writing. My way is to sometimes express myself through words, because words can carry powerful emotions too. And I will support her and her choices because I am there until the end of the line.

With that said, I am once more the heartbeat of a true soul.

My life in Huvudsta...

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