Saturday, September 5, 2015

World Water Week 2015 summary - The Phantom Pain

Hej everyone!

Don't be tricked by The Phantom Pain mentions as I will not talk in detail about the latest Metal Gear game. It is about some of my own thoughts.

It has been a while since the latest post that featured my involvement in the amazing World Water Week 2015 as a volunteer. The last 2 days of that week were way more relaxed compared to the huge influx of people that flocked in the venue in the first 3 days. It still had a lot of standing still and smiling and being helpful and having an awesome time while people said hi on your way back to the train station while not on duty simply because they recognized your face.

On that last Friday i worked in the closing ceremony. I had prepared a small handwritten letter that was for everyone in the SIWI staff to read along with some greek pasteli, a very famous, healthy delight from Kalamata. I still remember how Sofia Widforss hugged me that day with a huge smile on her face. I want to personally thank Irina, Erik, Adrian, Darius, Gabriella, Yvonne for this awesome opportunity.

What was the result of all of this? Well for starters i don't think there is a better opportunity to meet and network with people than such a conference. I met important people from all over the world, CEOs from Sweco, i got invited to the Finnish Environment Institute and hopefully that will lead to work one day.

This past week has been a mixed bag. I started my new courses and that marks an important period in my life, since it is the last academic semester where i will have actual courses, not counting the master  thesis as one. Some of them have become increasingly weird and involve a lot of drawing and sketching.

Well, that is a course about sustainability.
On the positive note i had quite some fun, i met many new people, students that i have been contacting through the phone to welcome them in their new master's, working a bit in student nations wearing pink shirts, going out for amazing food and walks and a lot of shopping. A lot of shopping. I also visited Jaime's family and they invited me for dinner and they scared another certain individual that got scarred for life from over-socializing Mediterraneans :D

When it comes to the pain, i have actually been watching Big Boss's latest adventure. In fact i am watching the uknighted twitch stream right now with Drk whining about the conclusion to the series. Please support them if you like the series. They are running an awesome 500+ hour marathon which is completely insane!

Other than that i have had several internal conflicts i had to handle this past 2-3 weeks. I can only imagine how hard it is for the other affected people as well. It is that fragile point where you don't want to hurt anyone but it happens whether you like it or not. And then all that trust and integrity goes to hell and it all spirals down in a ghostly pain that eats you from the inside.

It will all be fine. I just wanted to keep writing a bit today. I am alone at home now. Hopefully now that i am starting to recover i will have more interesting things to say or do. I was hopping to make a tour of all the student nations and write a small review about them. That will depend on my workload and my mood really. I still wonder how i keep going but whether i like it or not this blog has survived for 1.5 year now.

Until next time, stay tuned! En stor kram dear friends!

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