Monday, September 28, 2015

The Swedish Dream - Live your Myth in Sweden

Moi/Hej everyone.

It has been a while, whoever is left here might have been wondering what is happening. Well to be fair...not that much. I still have my moments, but the bubble of living the Swedish Dream is about to burst. Mostly because of reality checks, my uncertain future in many aspects, as well as my inability to force myself to learn the language yet.

My problem in writing in this blog is twofold. First of all I have studying and 5 courses running on the same time. This along with the economic factor impacts me greatly. I practically have no social life apart from eating ribs that have absolutely no meat from Jaime's barbecues and watching him die from zombies and the Gas-Masked Man in Dying Light while playing on about 2.5 FPS.

How about I write for once how things are going on in Sweden or what actually happened for a change?

One day a took a ferry. I took a ferry at 7:45 am from Stockholm, which meant I had to be there at 7 and wake up at 4:30. I decided to do that the previous night and before I could think about it I found myself in a Viking Line ferry to the Aland Islands and Turku. I felt intimidated in the beginning because I heard stories about dozens of drunk idiotic teenagers that caused mayhem. I ended up having to take a cab to the ferry but it was alright, now I know how to get there again.

The average age on the ship was not as expected. I expected something like 18-30. But it was more like 75ish. I kid you not. The moment those pesky tourist Bangladeshians got off the boat at the Alands the age just kept going up and up. Even the dog I met there was 11 years old (77 human years). Those tourists kept asking for weird info in the reception and I can only commend the poor Finnish guy at the helping desk for his calm as I would have thrown them overboard and yelled "Yarr".

I had my fun and solved a lot of cases in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as 11 hours were too many at some point. And after a couple of days I returned. Same situation, better weather as I went outside and relaxed gazing at the beautiful Swedish archipelago. I took a bunch of pictures but the best one came in Stockholm as I was walking my way back to the Central station.

I absolutely love this city.
I also applied for 2 scholarships. I am about to visit a kennel of Irish Setters. I have 5 courses and 2 of them are really weird. One of them is actually run by students. Last time me and Ebba drew dead fishes there.

Things like this. Ebba was impressed.
I finally got things moving with my thesis. This is a big step for me and I am awaiting anxiously about further news from my Finnish connection in Turku. It has also been a topic of uncertainty and great personal stress to me for various reasons. The land of tears is mysterious and I keep finding myself there. In another course we were asked to split in groups and make a Wikipedia page. 40 people are in the class and 37 are Swedish. Me, Shahar and Fabian are the only internationals it seems. Guess who I got paired with because everyone has their own "favorites". Sweden's multiculturalism is a blatant lie and it is as easy as getting to Canada without a visa unless you speak the local language like a native. Even the teacher started giving the lectures in Swedish before I politely told him to speak English, in an ENGLISH speaking class.

I started eating healthy and not wasting food as much as I can. I am drinking milk, eating salads and trying a bunch of new things. I am also seeing a lot of weird posts by people on Facebook that are really creepy and makes me wonder how many psychopaths walk among us. Maybe I am one myself.

I am not sure if and when I will write again. I am done asking for shares, likes, comments as they have dried as much as my posts lately. I was thinking of transforming it or making a new one and actually be helpful, like making it into an actual hydrology teaching place. We will see what time brings.

Until next time...hyvää yötä, мы будем говорить, vi ses och vi hors, je vous aimes tous και όνειρα γλυκά. 6 languages in all their glory. Puss och kram.


  1. Kostas,

    There are two ferry lines. The Viking Line and the Silja Line, that one is the "cool one" which is very fun and with people of more of "our age".

    I wanted to post here just to share your anger against that class. Totally rude lazy ass professor that doesn't even take the time to write presentation slides in English, or even worse; the description of the project!!!

    Feel the same. Taken out, not integrated an begging that someone would choose my non-swedish group. In my opinion, we are paying a very expensive price just because don't speak the language.

    Cheers, and keep it up.