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5 Ways to Become A Better Writer - by Candice Larson

 Since i started blogging i always wanted to either interview other people or share their thoughts along with mine. It turns out i am luckier with women rather than men as most of my posts/interviews are with women! And that said, today i have another guest poster! Candice Larson decided to contact me as she does not have her own blog but she wanted to contribute and let her voice heard for people like you and me. Maybe you have hit a writer's block or a motivational dead end and she is here with 5 tips to keep you going. Because blogging is love, blogging is life! She also asked me to share her passion with the Australian Journalist Lisa Wilkinson. You can read more about here in her wikipedia page or simply visit her Twitter account!

5 Suggested Activities to Become A Better Writer

As a writer, it's only natural to get stuck every once in a while. You're likely to start feeling like you're just not cut out for the job, and you gradually back away until you realize that you're not even taking the time to write anymore. Well, how do you expect to get better at what you do that way? Before you start chucking out all your hard work, pause and decide if you still want to pursue writing. Once you've realized that yes, you do, then it's time to take the steps to becoming a better writer:

Keep writing.

Don't just quit writing, regardless of how bad you think your work is. Don't throw out the fruits of your labor, either. I'm not saying that you should hold on to what you believe is junk – you just need to think of all that as stepping stones to you as a better writer. Remember that sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better – and don't forget, it will get better eventually, as long as you keep practicing.

Proofread everything.

They say that you're a writer if you proofread every message you send or post – and the ones you receive or read as well. I don't know about you, but this is certainly true for me. I can hardly keep myself from correcting people whenever they make grammar mistakes. Instead of commenting on people's posts, you can simply take note of the errors that other people make. Find something to practice your editing skills on a blog piece of someone you know. Blog is a trending activity online and it’s easier if you start on that.

Start a journal for those private thoughts.

Keeping a journal is a great way to practice your writing skills. Jot down those innermost thoughts, describe your day, let out those pent-up feelings – use your journal to write whatever you want. Anything goes; it's still writing practice, after all.

Make reading a habit.

This may sound cliche but before becoming a writer, one starts to be a reader - not just a reader but a voracious one. I started reading a lot when I reached my 5th grade. I think that was when I had the chance to read The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Right then and there, I realized that I love reading and I want to tell my story too. You see, reading makes one rich in terms of imagination, style, and vocabulary. As I constantly write, I have somehow develop my own style of writing to convey my message. Try reading now and you will be amazed how it can change your writing style.

Find time to relax and enjoy.

Writing is not about writing every minute or so, it requires a time to relax. It helps to freshen up your mind. If I feel like I don’t have anything helpful on my mind, I leave whatever I am writing and find something else that makes me relax and enjoy. Our mind needs to relax in able to regain more creative juices. I value relaxation so much for my writing activities, and fortunately, I think I am being more productive after doing something else. One of my favorite activities outside writing is watching news, sports, and entertainment. One of my favorite journalists is the Australian presenter Lisa Wilkinson, who is hosting the show Today. I just love how she presents the news or whatever is on her plate, and that I called an enjoyment outside writing.

So, you want to become a better writer, I suggest that you take time to these suggestions.

About the author:
Candice Larson is an occasional writer for The Fordham Company and other blogs, and juggles her time between working and attending graduate school. She likes to read, travel and write. Candice is also a coffee lover.

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