Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Death of Marley

I suffer from insomnia lately.

Since i came back from Finland. Damn you Finnish woman i want to be your radiator again.

I also feel like cooking. At 3:40am. It must have to do with studying the basics of chemistry for 10 hours a day with a short break of Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and headshotting innocent Halloween themed humans in CS:GO. I have brief conversations with the other night owl - Olka.

To give you an idea of our discussion it involves vampires, gothic underwear and shitburgers. Reaching a new low in my already low IQ. I also saw the new trailer for the Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies which starts to look like an expendables crossover with over 9000 star characters from the lore.

Please don't destroy my favorite book.

I think i died during Thursday. I woke up briefly for 1 hour to meet with Despoina to do some stuff. I shopped the basics from the super expensive ICA centrum then rode the bus home. I almost wrote bike there. Speaking about bikes, that was the last you will hear about Marley. He got stolen or was thrown in the river Fyrisan.

"1 moment of silence for Marley. Rest in pieces."

Please leave some supportive comments for Marley down in the comment box.

Today we had Hydrochemistry lab. By saying lab i mean sitting on a computer for 2 hours listening to the professor trying to explain how a program works. Let's not talk about the resolution of 800x600 from the 2000's that made my eyes bleed more. More like the XBOX One resolution. Ok ok you fanboys it was a joke.

Parenthesis: Olka almost whipped me and set me on fire for saying i don't like Frozen just now.

I am almost always wearing my cap inside the house so the information i try to remember in chemistry does not degass out of my head like methane does from the permafrost when conditions turn unstable. See what i did there???

In the meantime I am looking to see if i can get an exchange/erasmus going. I want to move to Turku in Finland and be with Carita and Ippu.

I am thinking of pizza or fish sticks. Must. Resist. I am 71 kg now down from 78 when i arrived. The running and the biking took its toll on me. But it's getting better. Though the future looks bleak as i have 4-5 exams incoming in January, to go to Lapplands and the tickets to Greece cost over 400 euros. Which means i will most likely spend Christmas in Finland.

Goodnight Sweden. I am going to raid the kitchen.

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