Monday, April 13, 2015

End of an era - Dawn of a new one?

Keeping it short. I do not have a lot of things to write about anymore. Maybe I do, but i find it hard to motivate myself to do more or write more. The financial limitations of my stay in Sweden have started to hold me back severely. I spend my time mostly at home and whenever i leave the house it has to be the supermarket, a lecture or lurking at Jaime's house for more weird stories with his dad, Poortugal (pun intended) and stalking a poor guy called Gannon Fodder in Guild Wars 2 and being a shitty manager for Malmo FF in Football Manager 2015. I also tend to watch full Metal Gear marathons on Twitch whenever they are up, because they keep me company and wash my loneliness away.

By no means i have given up, but i do work with what i am given. I had a rather refreshing break in Finland where i went to a traditional summer cottage, i slept endlessly, consumed massive amounts of Pepsi and ate half the Tutti Frutti from a shop called Candy Land. Yay!...

I was back and got thrust straight into classes. I had an unpleasant exam on Saturday where i didn't sleep and i had to endure painful statistics questions. One of them had a diagram but apparently the professor forgot to print it so the question was rendered invalid. And i knew the answer to it....

So here's what i want to do. I will put it in bold and underlined so hopefully it can reach someone. I have stopped begging for shares and likes as it is clearly not working. But i will do it for the last time for the sake of it. Please help me maintain my blog by sharing this. I am looking for a few individuals, preferably 2-3 but even 1 is a good start. They can live in Uppsala, Sweden, or any part of the world. The task is the same as mine. To write an article from time to time and describe their life, student life, experiences, past, stories, character or their troubles. Please assist me into maintaining this blog, i have actually put quite some effort into it for the past year. A simple share in facebook, a forum or through word of mouth for you creative people that want to write a piece of text every now and then and express themselves freely is much appreciated.

Lastly, i have been getting some ridiculous large numbers of traffic from Russia. I checked what people searched to find my blog and i saw that some people googled stuff like rape and sex stories. What is wrong with you people???

Leaving you with the last fragment of post i wrote. How ironic it was during the one year anniversary and the 100th post of this blog. Any comment  or support is appreciated. Thanks for now!

***Below is the last thing i wrote before this post***
Another week, another landmark approaching.

In the 27th of March i am having 3 things. One year has passed since i learned that i got accepted in Uppsala Universitet. It also marks one year from the birth of this story blog. I am not sure what it is anymore though. I also visit Finland for the third time to see someone i care about.

Regarding the blog i am not so sure. It sure has grown to unthinkable levels for me with 21.000 views in its short lifespan and with a very debatable topic to boot like my daily struggles and challenges. It has also culminated into something more than that as you can find recollections of my memories, my dreams, my experiences, interviews, reviews and bad humor.

The last week was a weird one. My sister visited me. I notified my landlord 2 weeks earlier that she is coming and also a few days before she arrived as well. And then all the weird stuff started. She said there is no problem so i let my sister sleep in Davide's room who she let me know that he left 2 months earlier. Good timing thanks for letting me know soon...

And then she started asking my sister when she is leaving. And then 2 days later the same she barged into her room while she was sleeping. I explained again. She seemed irritated and she said its because of her bad memory. And  then she said she will shut up and not bother us again. Guess what, the day after she entered my room while i was sleeping saying that she wants her ID and that i should inform her if i bring guests. Fucking shit i tell you. And yesterday after my sister left she had the nerve to casually ask me to borrow my phone to call her daughter. I will avoid her as much as possible for the rest of my stay here.

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